Arjan Aujla is an Indian actor, who was seen in the very popular Hindi movie MY NAME IS KHAN. He was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra on 29 September 1996. He gained recognition after working in the film MY NAME IS KHAN, as Kajol's eighth-grade son, Sameer. My Name Is Khan got released in 2010.

Karan Johar was its director while it was produced by Hiroo Johar and Gauri Khan. It starred Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in the lead roles. The film was mutually produced by Dharma Productions and Red Chillies Entertainment. The film was a commercially successful and broke many box office records.

My Name Is Khan thus, went to gross the maximum amount at that time and the first to collect over ₹100 crore overseas. The film is about a multitude of perceptions of the diverse outlooks, statements, and propaganda that comes with the universal issue of discrimination and prejudice towards a race of people completely distinct with the evils of terrorism.

Arjan Aujla, as he is called in actual life, played the role of Sam, son of Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan. As a kid, he captivated everyone with his acting and clogged everybody’s throat with tears when he left the screen mid way because of all the cultural intolerance that the little kid faces in the USA. He was judged for being a Muslim kid and accused of belonging to terrorist groups. The Karan Johar directorial film became a fume at that time and won several awards in the same year.

The conversation where Shah Rukh Khan teaches his son Sam “Khan from the epiglottis” became very trendy. Arjan’s acting created a long- lasting impact on everybody and brought him a lot of appraisal and fame. Now, Arjan has grown up to be a smart bearded man and is very active on Instagram with a huge fan following.

Arjan was still quite young when he was cast in Shah Rukh Khan and, Kajol starrer My Name Is Khan., Arjan is now rimming with energy and, he wants to be in the movie business because of his affinity for looking good. But he does not want to rush into anything. Arjan is taking his own sweet time to arrange himself for the big Bollywood debut. His hobbies are traveling and exploring different places. He loves posting his activities on social media. Arjan also holds an uncanny resemblance to Ranveer Singh.

Mokshad Dodwani Hindi Actor

Mokshad Dodwani

Mokshad Dadwani is a budding actor in Bollywood. A Mumbai chap, born on November 20th, 1989. He was a debutant in the movie Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009). His latest appearance was in the 2015 movie I Love New Year featuring Kangana Ranaut and Sunny Deol. Mokshad has also acted in Ajab Gazabb Love (2012), Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013). Mokshad grew up as a diligent fellow with scholarly and social ability throughout his school and college. He completed his graduation in Mass Media Curriculum from Mumbai University. He always dreamed of becoming an engineer and explorer. From a young age of 15, he got ardent about performing arts. He put all his heart to his acting career. One of his stage appearances was in “The Inspector Calls,” a Hindi modification of the famous play written by English dramatist J.B. Priestley, where he portrayed the character of a 60- year man named ‘Rai Saab’. Mokshad was guided by Barry John, an Indian theater director. Barry has mentored many Bollywood actors such as Shahrukh Khan, Irrfan Khan and, Manoj Bajpayee. Among his other roles, Mokshad has also played “Mustafa,” an impish servant in “Baghdad Ka Gulam,” a classic by Italian playwright Carlo Goldini’s “A Servant of Two Masters,” He worked with director Shamit Amin at the age of 19 for his next film under Yash Raj Banner. He worked in ‘Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year’ produced by Aditya Chopra. Mokshad has also been the ‘Face of Pepsi Max,’ landing him the role of Mr. Godbole in the advertisement called ‘The Interview,’ which was directed by the world renowned award- winning directors Nick Osborne and Sune Maroni. On October 2010, Mokshad received an offer from the director of the National Geographic Explorer Series, Richard D’ Allesio to work in a mime act as an anxious batty flunkie. Mokshad also featured in commercials of Pepsi Lays alongside Saif Ali Khan and Bollywood singer Shaan and in 2014 with Ranbir Kapoor. He got immensely popular from the Airtel Kanjoos Friend Commercial which gave him stature with people noticing him everywhere and shouting lines from the commercial like “Police ko missed call Diya kya” and many more. Mokshad has also worked in a Tv series called “Siyaasat,” an epic battle for Akbars’ throne, portraying the role of Prine Daniyal. It is an alteration of “The Twentieth Wife,” Indu Sundaresan’s bestselling book.


Roger Yuan

Roger Winston Yaun or commonly known as Roger Yaun is well known for his work as a stunt coordinator/performer, martial art fight trainer, and an actor. He was born in Carbondale Illinois, the U.S. on 25 January 1961. He is a winner of U.S.A. black belt in Chun Kuk Do. Roger Yaun is also a member of The United Fighting Art Federation (UFAF). He has performed stunts in over 30 films and has also trained many Hollywood actors many fighting styles. He has done many stunts in various movies such as Rapid Fire, Escape from L.A., Beverly Hills Ninja, Spawn Blade, WarCraft, and many more. In 2011, He trained artists of the movie, X-Men: First Class to perform a stunt. Jennifer Lawrence and Jason Flemyng were one of them. He also worked with Henry Cavill in Immortals as well as Keanu Reeves in 47 Ronin as an instructor. Roger Yaun started his career in 1991 after he got a role in the movie, “The Perfect Weapon,” directed by Mark DiSalle, starring Jeff Speakman, John Dye, Mako, Roger Yaun, and much more. He also worked in the movie “American Kickboxer,” directed by Frans Nl, starring John Barrett, Keith Vitali, Terry Norton, Brad Morris, Roger Yaun, and much more. Later, he worked in other movies, “Ulterior Motives,” “American Streetfighter,” “Rage and Honor,” are some of them. In 1994, he worked in Double Dragon, directed by James Yukich, starring Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos, Scott Wolf, Julia Nickson, Alyssa Milano, Roger Yaun, and many more. Roger Yaun has worked in many famous hits of the decade, such as Shanghai Noon, Batman Begins, Syriana, Black Dynamite, Skyfall, and many more. He has also played a role in a Bollywood movie named Chandani Chowk to China. Roger Yaun has also been the part of Television industry too. In 1993, he played a role in a famous TV show named Walker, Texas Ranger, created by Albert S. Rudy, Leslie Greif, Paul Haggis, and Christopher Canaan. Later, he played a role of Button Man in Vanishing Son, directed by John Nicolella, starring Russell Wong, Harding S, Ngor, Vivian Wu, Rebecca Gayheart, Chi Muoi Lo, Jason Adams, and many more. Roger Yuan has also played a role in the TV show, name The District created by Terry George, and Jack Maple, starring Craig T. Nelson, Lynne Thigpen, Jayne Brook and much more. Later, he played a cameo role in Renegade, Tracey Takes On, Brimstone, Nash Bridges, and many more. In 2003, he played a role in the show named “Angel,” created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, starring David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, Glenn Quinn, Alexis Denisof, and many more.

Roger Yuan Hindi Actor