Hriju Roy is a very famous music composer and singer in the music industry of the Indian Cinema. She has given music for several different things and instilled soul in them. She has scored music for not just films but also serials for the Indian Television Industry and, therefore, can be considered to have spread her charm all over the media. Hriju is known for her compositions for the TV series which was named Apne Dil Se Pucho for which she had composed the title track as well as the background score for five episodes. She has given music for the movie which was named Chappal Chor, and this was one of the many movies she has utilized her talents and skills music for. With the precision of work and the amazing skills of composing music, she was given a chance to compose the background score for a serial that was aired on prime time on the Indian Television and it was named Adaalat. Hriju is a very multi-talented and skilled personality who has music flowing through each nerve in her body.

She doesn't only compose music and backgrounds for various serials and movies but has also sang songs for a Hindi film. This fortunate film which had Hriju as a singer was named Extraordinaari. The music for this movie was produced by Venus Music Company. She had composed the songs for this film as well as had sung them. The name of these songs was ‘We are Extraordinaari’ and ‘Hello Mr. How Do You Do’. Not just this, she is also credited to have composed the title track for a famous serial that used to air on Zee TV and the name of the serial was Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan. The title track was titled Tere Bin ‘Tere Bin’ is an Indian television romantic drama >> Read More... Tere Bin and Hriju had made this beautiful composition. Hriju has spread her scope from films to serials and from serials to commercials. She has been credited to have scored commercials like that for Canada Bank, Ayur face cream, Raymond, etc.