Deepika Joshi Shah

Other names of Deepika Joshi Shah: Deepali Shah Joshi
Deepali Shah Joshi was an aspiring singer who had a dream to become a singer in films. But she remained to sing on stages and shows in the national and international level and maintained her popularity at stage level only. She has passed away when she was travelling to Dubai to participate in a stage show. She had hoped to come back to Mumbai to sing for Dinanath programme, but her wish remained unfulfilled as she had died. Deepali Shah Joshi was an upcoming stage singer, who had sung for stages that could mean paying tribute to legendary playback singers of yesteryear. She used to perform in many national and international concerts and thus had caught the attention of music director Khayyam in Awaz Ki Duiniya Show. She hailed from the Dharwad region of Karnataka. Inspired by singers like Lata Mangshkar and Asha Bhosle Asha is considered to be the second greatest femal >> Read More... Asha Bhosle , she had given countless performances across India and abroad. She had performed in musical stages at Washington DC and New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , which fetched her recognition as a versatile singer. She then brought out numerous music albums and videos. She is survived by husband Paresh Shah Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Paresh Shah , a well-known Gujarati music composer, a sister and a brother.
She died in a road accident in Kuwait, when she was travelling by road from the Kuwait airport to reach the venue. And truly, this singing talent had vanished away from the industry and even the world, leaving her inspiration to become a film singer or even a voice that became so popular with audiences, who used to enthrall the audiences to melodious tunes of yesteryear songs, sung by legendary singers like Lata Mangeshkar Lata Mangeshkar, the veteran playback singer had >> Read More... Lata Mangeshkar , Asha Bhosle or even Geeta Dutt Geeta Dutt was a significant singer who mesmerized >> Read More... Geeta Dutt . It is true, we find many singers who still sings songs of not Lata or Asha but even Chitra, P Susheela or S Janakai. But as this singer had to sing Hindi songs for international Hindi audiences, she chose mainly Hindi compositions sung by Lata and Asha. Otherwise, Deepali Shah was born in Bengaluru and had undertaken classical music training in Karnataka only.
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Deepika Joshi-Shah was a famous Indian singer, actress and voice actress. She spoke Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada languages fluently. She sang in various jingles testimonials and documentary films. She has also done several voice-overs. She has given voices to the roles in the Hindi-dubbed version of the Hollywood movie, The Lord of The Rings. Deepika Joshi Shah belonged to a small town Dharwad, near the frontiers of Maharashtra in the year 1976.

She was only 35 years old when she died in a car accident in Kuwait on 27th of January 2012. She was on her way to the hotel from the Kuwait Airport when her car met with an accident, and she died on the spot.

Anuj Sharma Hindi Actor

Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma is an Indian singer and runner up in the Second season of Indian Idol competition. He was born in Rehan, Himachal Pradesh and currently he lives in Mumbai. His parents are Yograj Sharma and Payari Devi. His father is a retired teacher. He has an elder brother named Manoj Sharma and a younger sister named Anupam. According to Anuj, his brother was the reason behind the success of his music career. He was a good singer and an excellent performer, since when he was small. Also, he is a good cricket player and he is interested in reading cartoon books and watching TV series. He completed his primary and secondary education at Government Secondary School of Rehan. Later, he entered to Wajir Ram Sing Government College in Dehri to continue his higher studies in traditional music. During his college studies, he took part in singing competitions. During his first year in college, he became the best singer in an in an inter-college singing competition. After winning the competition, he became a well-known singer in Himachal Pradesh. During his college studies, he did some Himachali folk albums. Anuj completed his Masters degree in music at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. And also he has a diploma in Music recording. He participated inter-university and within university singing competitions while completing his Masters. After completing his Masters degree, he joined his university staff as a music lecturer. After three years, he moved to New Delhi and started his own music studio. Anuj began his singing career in 1996 and he has recorded more than 40 folk albums for several recording labels. His first folk album is “Rat Payee Gume De Naale”, which was released on 1996. Later, he worked in “All India Radio” for several years. In the year 2010, he participated the second season of Indian Idol competition and he was among the three finalists. During his Indian Idol performances, he received excellent responses from the judging panel. Anuj Sharma follows Sukhwinder Singh style and he became very popular in India. His very first solo album is “khwaab” and it was released under Universal Music label. He started film playback singing with the film named “Fulmu Ranju”. Anju Sharma has performed so many musical shows both in India and abroad. He has performed 1530 shows including Shoolini Fair Solan, Lotus Institute of Management Bareilly 2015 and Pattaya Thailand.


Hriju Roy

Hriju Roy is a very famous music composer and singer in the music industry of the Indian Cinema. She has given music for several different things and instilled soul in them. She has scored music for not just films but also serials for the Indian Television Industry and, therefore, can be considered to have spread her charm all over the media. Hriju is known for her compositions for the TV series which was named Apne Dil Se Pucho for which she had composed the title track as well as the background score for five episodes. She has given music for the movie which was named Chappal Chor, and this was one of the many movies she has utilized her talents and skills music for. With the precision of work and the amazing skills of composing music, she was given a chance to compose the background score for a serial that was aired on prime time on the Indian Television and it was named Adaalat. Hriju is a very multi-talented and skilled personality who has music flowing through each nerve in her body. She doesn't only compose music and backgrounds for various serials and movies but has also sang songs for a Hindi film. This fortunate film which had Hriju as a singer was named Extraordinaari. The music for this movie was produced by Venus Music Company. She had composed the songs for this film as well as had sung them. The name of these songs was ‘We are Extraordinaari’ and ‘Hello Mr. How Do You Do’. Not just this, she is also credited to have composed the title track for a famous serial that used to air on Zee TV and the name of the serial was Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan. The title track was titled Tere Bin and Hriju had made this beautiful composition. Hriju has spread her scope from films to serials and from serials to commercials. She has been credited to have scored commercials like that for Canada Bank, Ayur face cream, Raymond, etc.

Hriju Roy Hindi Actress