Gaurav Bhatt is a singer, composer, and guitarist. Besides he is also a software engineer. He was born in Rajasthan. He is a well-known classical singer and loves singing ghazals. He shot to fame for a composition of ‘Rag-Mala’ and ‘Taal-Malas’ along with new generation music. For his knowledge of classical music, he has played guitars in recordings for number one music label company T.Series.  Because of his classical music training, Gaurav Bhatt has sung many ghazals that are not limited to Khayal, Thumri raga, tala and other classical and light classical genres. 

Gaurav is an exceptional singer in classical music today. The singer also has given his vocal for private albums and film music. He has performed in stages and entertained the music lovers for many years. For Doordarshan telecast program such as ‘Geet Gata Hu Mai’, the singer had even played guitar with other musical gurus. Also, he also has sung evergreen songs such as ‘Geet Gata Hu Mai’ and ‘Ga Mere Sang Ga’ on the regional network of Doordarshan in Rajasthan. He also has composed many songs for ETV Rajasthan program and was even associated with a TV program ’ Geet Gata Chal Geet Gata Chal is a musical show which gets aired >> Read More... Geet Gata Chal ’ on ETV regional networks.

Gaurav loves to lend his vocal for even devotional songs. He has shifted his priority from music to computers in 2004. Since then he was busy with his assignments in many IT companies such as Wipro, Satyam and many more. Currently, he is working as a Tech head in IT Company based in Jaipur. The singer handles both music and IT well. He was a program anchor for ‘Mission Rajasthan’ at DD Rajasthan and was a prominent keyboard player handing musical arrangements in the DD network.