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Other names of Aarti Nayak: Aarti Nayak Kamath
Hindi Singer Aarti Nayak
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Aarti Nayak-Kamath is a vocalist who performs Hindustani classical music in the Gwalior gharana style. Aarti Nayak comes from a family of musicians. She also holds a postgraduate degree in commerce and an M.A. in music from the SNDT University in Mumbai. She was born on May 28, 1983. Her father was Pt. Ramrao Nayak, a well-known Kirana-Gwalior Gharana vocalist. Her maternal grandpa Shri. Hanumanth Kamath was a theatre actor, while her paternal grandmother Smt. Mukta Nayak was a devotional vocalist. She has also participated in musical dramas for Sangeet Natak. Aarti started her first musical lessons when she was 4 years old, guided by her mother Mrs. Pratima Nayak. Her father, a pupil of Pt.

Bhaskarbua Ghodge, began her advanced musical training when she was six years old (Gwalior Gharana). Her father, Pt. A. K. Abhyankar - Kirana Gharana (Disciple of Pt. Firoz Dastur Firoz Dastur also is known as Feroze Dastur was an >> Read More... ), and Pt. V.R. Athavale (Gwalior Gharana) all recognised the girl's musical aptitude and started fostering it. She started playing the tabla and harmonium at the age of 9 without any formal training. She has performed Natyageeta, Bhajan, Thumri, and Tappa as well as other Hindustani classical and semi-classical pieces successfully for numerous musical organisations in India. She has also appeared in several Marathi Sangeet Natak musical dramas, including Sangeet Saubhadra, Sangeet Saushay Kallol, Sangeet Yayati ani Devayani, and Sangeet Manaapman, in which she has played the principal roles. She provided playback for Savalee, a 2007 Marathi film that won a national award and was inspired by Indian classical music.


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