Ambar Hadap is an Indian screenwriter who is very active in the Marathi film industry. Key literary features include Balak Palak (2012), yellow (2014), Bandh Nylon Che (2016), Chidiya (2016), and the 2017 comedy film Andy Cha Read. He lives in Borivali East, Mumbai is one of the best businesses for film writers. He is an author for some of the most popular movies likeHichki.

U-bar Hadapi and is of known Hichki (2018), Andya No (2017) Chidiya (2016). Ambar Hadap is a Screenplay and also worked as a dialogue, Journalist. Ambar Hadap has worked extensively in Marathi and has worked in other languages too. This celebrity has 0 followers, 0 likes, and 0 dislikes. The starter rating for this popular is 134. Ambar Hadap has worked on almost four movies.

His movie Hichki has been recognized as one of the best movies as it teaches students how to respect their teachers, and even it shows how crucial the role a teacher plays in the life of the students. It also interests how children with the worst behavior could be changed with the best guidance. The movie is a message-oriented. All the movies of amber are somewhere, or the other contains a message that teaches a lesson for his viewers, and therefore, he is a great screenplay writer.