Pt. Mukhram Sharma Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 29-05-1909
  • Date of death: 25-04-2000
  • Star Sign : Gemini
Other Skills

Pt. Mukhram Sharma is one of the well-known writers of the Indian film industry. He has even served as lyricists for many songs and has written the script for more than 150 movies. He has mainly worked for movies which are based on the mythological theme. He has contributed in movies like Taramati, Krishna- Satyabhama, and Srikrishnavivah. He has even written dialogues for many movies. His best work includes Dhool Ka Phool, Raja Aur Runk, Sweekar Kiya Maine, Pyar Ki Pyas, Sudarshan Chakra and others.

He was in a small village of Poothi in Uttar Pradesh and was raised in Meerut. He has done his masters in Sanskrit. In his early days he used to teach in school and colleges, but his inner passion towards writing brought him into this field. He was a great admirer of movies and hence wanted to work in the Prabhat Film Company. He used to initially write articles for newspaper and magazines at the time when he served as a teacher and after a few years he decided of trying hands into writing for movies.

After writing a story he went to his close friend who was connected to the Film Industry and showed him the story and his friend liked the story and immediately and requested him to come to Mumbai to start off with a career in the industry. Initially, his story was not much liked by the producers and hence he had to settle in Pune as his wife and children had also accompanied him to Mumbai and living in the city was difficult for them. His work was seen by V. Shantaram and he asked him to train artists in Marathi and to look up for their expressions in the Prabhat Film.

In 1942, he started writing dialogues for various movies. He first wrote dialogues for the movie Das Baje which featured Paresh Banerji and Urmila. The movie was directed by Raja Nene. After which he got an opportunity to write a story for the movie Taramati which was again by Raja Nene.

He had even written scripts for the Marathi movie Stree Janma Tujhi Kahani, which gained huge success and gave him great recognition in the industry. After the huge success, he returned to Mumbai and progress just followed after that. In Mumbai, he first started working in the movie Aulaad in 1954. He was awarded his first award from the Filmfare in the category of the Best Story. After this, he worked as a writer in many movies like Humjoli, Dhool Ka Phool, Vachan, Dushman, Do Behneh, Talaaq, Ek Hi Rasta Sadhan. In 1958 he first time produced a movie named Talaaq.

His stories were always based on the theme of social issues faced by women and the country. His storytelling left a mark on the people, thus taking a little step towards the progress of the nation. Be it a story based on the life of a widow, prostitute, single daughter these stories left a mark on the audience and his work was also appreciated by the people who could be seen through the collection his movies would make.

His friendship with B. R. Chopra was very well known in the industry and the two had even helped each other regarding their work and personal stuff. He was even associated with the South Film Industry; over there he worked in various movies like Do Kaliyan, Aja Aur Runk, Daadi Maa, Mein Sunder Hoon, Jeene Ki Raah and much more.

In 1980 he put an end to his successful career with Sau Din Saas Ke and went back to Meerut to enjoy his retired life. Even after retirement, he wrote stories for his interest and, in 2000 he died. In his whole career, he had received many awards for his contribution to the industry. He was honored with 6 Filmfare Award. In 1961 he was honored the Sangeet Natak Academy Award by the President, Rajendra Prasad Rajendra Prasad is a famous actor in Telugu. He is >> Read More... Rajendra Prasad . He was awarded the MPAA Award; Zee Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Meerut Ratna Award