Nasar Khan is a very popular RJ in the Mumbai radio station Red FM. He hosts the show "Nightshift" from 9 PM to 12 AM from Monday to Friday. He compares performing a program at night to that of serving dessert as he is expected to have a light-hearted conversation after people's hectic day of work. He was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has been living there since.

He studied in Campion School in Bhopal and then studied postgraduate education at Bendigo Senior Secondary College (BSSC) in Bhopal. Nasar Khan has been an RJ since 2007, and he has been working night shifts as RJ since 2014. When working at nights, the RJ has to be ready to have personal conversations. After work, many people in Mumbai tune into radio for music as well as the talk. Being an RJ, other than intently listening to the callers, one has to cover the time by telling tales, talking about the current affairs and one's opinions on various topics.

An RJ working in the night show has to be spontaneous as Mumbai population does not sleep early and for different RJs, there are different time bands. Nasar Khan's audience is usually women between the age 18 and 35 from hostels or homes. While an RJ in the morning shift has to keep updating himself about the current news and gossip, Nasar Khan said he does not prepare much on his way to work.

For him, the most challenging task every time is the opening line. Once that is figured out, the rest of the show comes spontaneously to him. However, this shift is causing him health issues since he does not get exposed enough to the sun. Nasar Khan is under medication of Vitamin D3, and the disrupted pattern of eating and sleeping cycles have added to the causes.

Since he works at night, Nasar Khan misses most of the plans of his friends. Daily, he returns home around 1.30 AM after his show eats, plays video games and goes to sleep by 4 AM. He wakes up the next day around 11.30 AM and has breakfast when we all have our lunch. According to Nasar Khan, RJs are entertainers.

They are an asset to entertainment but not a necessity. Nasar Khan was offered to participate in the ever-hyped reality TV show Bigg Boss Show Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Bigg Boss 11 in the year 2017. But due to his hectic schedules and prior commitments to other things, Nasar Khan rejected this offer. However, he is a sport to take part in this show, if Bigg Boss team invites him again when he is available.