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Chitrangada Satarupa is an Indian actress born on 20 August 1989 to Bengali filmaker Satarupa Sanyal Satarupa Sanyal is a director. She was born on 12 >> Read More... and Utpalindu Chakrabarty. She studies Mass Communications and film production at St.Xavier's in Kolkata. While in Bengal she played a minor role in a film directed by Suman Mukhopadhyay Suman Mukhopadhyay is a famous theater director an >> Read More... and also worked in a feature film in Bengali. After coming to Mumbai in 2013, she did theatre for 3 years. Tikli And Lakshmi Bomb (2017) is directed by Aditya Kripalani Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , the movie is based on a revolution in the sex trade and the plot revolves around two sex workers namely Lakshmi Malwankar and Putul, who later came to be known as Tikli and Lakshmi Bomb. Chitrangada plays the role of Tikli aka Putul.

The movie won the Best film award at the London Asian Film Festival and won the award for Best Feature Film at the Berlin Independent Film Festival. Ahare Mon (2018) is a Bengali romantic drama film directed by Pratim D. Gupta, where Adil Hussain Adil Hussain is a prominent Indian television, fi >> Read More... , Ritwick Chakraborty Ritwick Chakraborty is an Indian actor. He works i >> Read More... , Parno Mitra, and Chitrangada Satarupa are seen in the lead roles. She plays the role of Title. The movie was selected for Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival. Totta Pataakha Item maal(2019) directed by Aditya Kripalani, is an emotionally intense film that hints at the undercurrent fear that exists within the very culture of women living in Delhi, also known as the Rape Capital of India.ChitrangadaSatarupa can be seen playing the role of Chitra Joardar.

Another of her project is Devi AurHero(2019), directed by Aditya Kripalai, the movie is a drama genre, where the plot revolves around Kalki Ghosh played by Chitrangada, who manages to escape the prison of an industrialists son who has kept her as a sex slave. KarkatRog(2020), which is a web series, is seen playing the protagonist. Mukti (2022) is a Bengali Historic Period Drama, written and Directed by Rohan Gose. She played the role of Prava. Her latest venture is Guilty Minds(2022), where she can be seen playing the role of Sunanda Bose.


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