Anne Buydens was born in Germany but didn’t work for The German film industry. She was a teen and in the stage Of becoming self-conscious and self-illuminated when her Family moved to Belgium and hence she entered into a new Identity where she was referred to as a Belgian citizen. Then she had to go to Singapore and then to Paris for her Education.

She learned various languages when she was in Paris and this eventually helped her to become a subtitle Artist. She worked for movies by giving subtitles for them. Later she married an actor and is in a successful marriage Till date.

Mozez Singh

Mozez Singh is from Mumbai, Maharashtra and studied in The Doon School and Tufts University. He is a storyteller and a filmmaker, he has been working as a writer, producer and a director in Mumbai, he is working on some TV commercials and movies since 2001. Mozez Singh to work in a Music Industry in New York City where he was working on the production of music videos. In 2001, Mozez has written, produced and also directed fiction, non-fiction, reality, music, current affairs and many talk shows on multiple channels like Star Plus, Star One, Aaj Tak, MTV, Zee TV, Headline Today. Freedom is Me, is a short film which was directed by him, that is on one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, The Sunburn Music Festival for Viacom-Phanton- Percept-Films by Anurag Kashyap. Mozez Singh worked with famous director Anurag Kashyap and have co-produced a feature film named Peddlars. In 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Peddlars was in the official competition. Mozez won the Pusan International Film Festival Award for Zubaan which came in 2016, It was a musical drama movie which was written and Directed by Mozez Khan. Mozez Singh is the one who received the Rising Director Asia Star Award at 20th Busan International Film Festival. Other than film making Mozez other passion is product designing. His first line of interior and home decor is Mughal Pop. He is also a co-founder of Start&D, an edgy digital movement which is to promote emerging art and design. Mozez Singh is a founder member of Faith heal, the organization aims to remove stigma and discrimination about HIV/AIDs.

Mozez Singh Hindi Actor