Aashish Singh is working in Yash Raj Films as a Vice President (Production). He was born in a family of movie producers. Although he was a meritorious student throughout his educational journey, filmmaking was in his veins, and that is why he chose to follow his father's footsteps. He became an executive producer when Dhoom-2 was released followed by Chak De India. Looking at his passion and knowledge in the making of films, Yash Raj Films gave him the post of Head of Production of YRF.

Since then he has been part of every movie that is being produced by YRF films. He holds the record of having produced maximum Hindi films as an Executive Producer. As a vice-president, he organizes a key position holding the budget accounts for the film, regularly evaluates the whole situation that enables the movie to progress since the budget is announced. He keeps the financial aspect of the film as a creative director, and even collaborates with the investors.

He also judges the script, analyses the marketing of the film, and supervises all the work in production stages till the movie gets released. He is an advisor to the board and assigned the post even to handle the legal issues about YRF films. Over the years, the crediting of executive producers in Film production houses is on the increase.

He is never visible on the sets but works behind every stage of films production. If given an opportunity, Aashish co-ordinates as an online producer in scouting the foreign locations and for film shoots. As an Executive producer of Dhoom-2, he had proved that Indian films could be as good as any Hollywood projects. He was the associate producer of ' Bank Chor,' ' Fan,' ' Qaidi Band,' ' Tiger Zinda Hai,' etc. The vice present (production) brought a sea-changes to the production values in YRS films.

He remained associated with every movie that released after 'Chak De India' (2007) and proved that cinema needs colossal planning, right distribution, and must have high cinematic values to cater to larger audiences across the globe. A follow-up to 2004 'Dhoom' when released as D2 (Dhoom -2), grossed US$8,750,000 total in overseas markets and became his biggest hit, Yash Raj Films felt their films will capture now international markets very soon.

It was then YRF films felt it will have to face the toughest challenge even in future. After the success of 'Dhoom-2' and 'Chak De India,’ YRF needed to bring Aashish Singh as the signature face of the giant film franchise company. Soon, he redefined how Bollywood film plots its most salient tent poles. There was some talent within Ashish what he could do in YRF films which others could not do. Aashish felt his creative impulses could lead to a different game plan In film business.

Rajita Sharma

Rajita Sharma is the author of ground-breaking displays Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. A lady with originality and an eye for aptitude, Rajita started her creation house Magic Lantern in connotation with producer and director Vivek Budakoti in 2011. The original show under their poster was Ram Milaayi Jodi which afterward became one of the most popular movies she created and also gave the realm of Indian tv two gifted performers, Priyal Gor and Nishant Malkani. Now, Magic Lantern is all set to generate impressions with their newest contribution to Life OK, Tum Dena Saath Mera. In an exclusive chat with Rajita, she explains about her demonstrations, the business of TV production and more. How did she initially come up with the idea of Tum Dena Saath Mera? One day the team was free-associating with the network administrators on a concept. It was at this moment of discussion they considered over how in Mumbai individuals get so busy managing their problems. Dealing with these teething troubles, they overlook to enjoy life. They forget to enjoy living lovely instants with their household members. So, Rajita’s team thought of an idea wherein a young duo will come over to Mumbai from some other place. The spouse just wants to be with her hubby whereas the man is determined and wants to earn renowned, achievement and wealth. The story will rotate around them and how they drop out on the joyful things in life in search of substantial prosperity. On being asked why she cast the same people in her latest show. Rajita explains that she likes to work with new faces but Ram Milaayi Jodi was what the script demanded. It wanted to give the display a new look, hence the selection of new artists like Nishant Malkani and Priyal Gor. But in Tum Dena the script asked for a couple who is new, and yet not seen on TV and who would wonderfully portray the feeling of pure affection. The selection varies with the screenplay and the plot. Also, it is demanding to work with newcomers, but the decent part is that they are rare, active and eager to work. They can shock the masses at times with their flawless executions. Finally, asking her about how her journey has been so far with all the penning. To Rajita her expedition so far has been delightful. Her last year has been full of positives and negatives. Ram Milaayi Jodi has had its fair part of glory and debates, but in the end, she managed to put up a good demonstration.

Rajita Sharma Hindi Actress