Apsara Reddy also has known Ajay Reddy is an Indian transgender woman who was born in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Apsara is the daughter of her father Ramesh Reddy Ramesh Reddy is a well know Telugu producer who re >> Read More... Ramesh Reddy and mother, Anuradha Reddy. Apsara is an Indian politician as well as a journalist. Apsara did her under-graduation in journalism from Monash University. In her university, Apsara was the Overseas Students Service’s President.

She also did her post-graduation and got a master's degree in broadcasting: developmental economics from City University in London. Apsara had worked with UNICEF to launch a health campaign in the Indian state –Tamilnadu. In the year of 2013, she hosted a Tamil TV show in Tamilnadu named Natpudan Apsara which has broadcasted on Thanthi TV.

In the year 2016, Apsara joined in Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in February. Then in May in the year 2016, Apsara became a part of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and got the position of spokesperson. As she was a journalist by profession, she worked with different news and media persons like BBC World Service, The Hindu, Common Wealth Secretariat all in London with some Indian media companies like New Indian Express and The Deccan Chronicle. She also worked as a columnist and wrote columns regarding topics like politics, education, celebrity lifestyles, and consumerism.

She also worked as a reporter and covered one of the most occurring natural disasters- Tsunami from India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Being a reporter, she also interviewed a lot of celebs like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, John Haward (ex-PM of Australia), Michael Schumacher (F1 racer), AR Rahman, Nicolas Cage (Hollywood star). Apsara also had a TV show in Tamilnadu named Vaaname Ellai. Apsara worked as a media adviser in the Indian Consulate abroad in Melbourne.

He also worked as a speaker in various platforms such as the World pride summit, EPS (European Parliament Session), and UNICEF. She even spoke in various organizations like Goldman Sachs, NASSCOM INDIA and also at Princeton University. Now she has given the position in ALL INDIA MAHILA CONGRESS as the national general secretary on 8th January in the year of 2019. This position to Apsara Reddy was stated by the current president of the Indian national congress who is Rahul Gandhi.

Apsara is addicted to books, as she loves reading; And refreshes her mind by listening to the chilled tracks as she is also a music lover. It was very tough for Apsara to be who she is now. She has a lot of struggles in her early stages because of her gender, but she neither loosed hope nor got weakened at any point in her life.

Whenever she has to face any problem, she used to tackle it and grew stronger than she was. That is how she made her career successful. She is not only achieved her career but also inspired a lot of people like her who don't wish to rise and build their future. She was soon an idol for many transgender women, reporters and even many spokespersons. Apsara even becomes the most sensational Politician from Bhartiya Janata Party.