Kaifi Azmi is born as Sayyid Akhtar Hussein Rizvi. He is a famous poet, songwriter, and lyricist. He was born on January 14, and the year 1919. He was born in Azamgarh district of United Province (British India), now Uttar Pradesh, India. His wife's name is ShaukatKaifi. They have two children. They have a daughter and a son.

His son name is Baba Azmi, who is an Indian cinematographer. His daughter name is Shabana Azmi, who is an Indian actor for television, movie, And Theater. Kaifi was born in a Shia Muslim family in the village name as Mizwaa. Kaifi is a famous Urdu poet. He has combined the Urdu Literature with the Indian motion pictures. He also joins the Mushairas.

He has participated in the mushairas with the PirzadaQasim, Jon Elia. He has well established himself for the poetry, literature, and Films. He did ghazal writing at the age of eleven ‘Itna to Zindagi Mein Kisi ki khalal pade.’ At the time ‘Quit India Movement,’ in the year 1942 he drops his studies of Persian and Urdu. After this, he has joined the ‘Communist Party of India' in the year 1943 and became a ‘Marxist' at the age of 19.

Kaifi has a very great leadership quality. After some time, he did the membership of ‘Progressive Writers' Movement' of India. He joined textile mills of Kanpur and stayed there for sometimes. After this, he gains the membership of Ali Sardar Jafri's paper ‘Quami Jung' to writing the poetry in the year 1943. Kaifi likes to write the lyrics. He wrote the first lyrics for the movie ‘Buzdil' in the year 1952.

The director name of the movie is ShahidLateef. His famous song for the film AakhriKhat, Haqeeqat, HansteZakhm, Arth, Shama, KaagazKePhool, Shola Aur Shabnam, and Anupama. He also writes the lyrics for film ‘HeerRanzha,’ whose director is Chetan Anand. He is the winner of National Award and Filmfare Award for the screenplay and dialogue for ‘Gram Hawa.' The director of the film is Sathyu. This film is the masterpiece of Sathyu.

Kaifi is the only Urdu poet who owns the most number of Awards. He is the winner of ‘Padma Shri,' ‘SahityaAkademi Award,' ‘SahityaAkademi Fellowship,' ‘Maharashtra Gaurav award by government of Maharashtra,' ‘YashBhartiya Award by Government of Uttar Pradesh,' ‘Delhi government State Award,' ‘Soviet Land Nehru Award,' ‘Afro-Asian Writers Lotus Award.' He did honor ship in Doctorate from the Purvanchal University, and Agra University.

Amrita Pritam Hindi Actress

Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam was born in the year 1919, on 31st of August. She was a professional poet and a writer. Her poems and writings were mainly written in either Hindi or Punjabi. Amrita was considered a milestone in Punjab. Amrita was the first notable writer and poet in the Punjabi language and even the most famous and successful one in the 20th century in the Punjabi language. Her publications have been published in both India and Pakistan. But keeping aside the political tension between the countries, this writer was loved by both the countries equally. Amrita’s career stretches for about 60 years. During these years she has published more than a century of poems, stories, essays, fictions, short stories, biographies, plays, and much more. In addition to that, she has also written many folk songs, poems and stories in the Punjabi language. Her most notable poem was a tribute to Waris Shah. The name of the poem was Aj aankhan Waris Shah Nu. The poem is written in the Punjabi language as we can understand from the name. In that poem not only did she pay tribute to the late Punjabi Poet, but she also expressed her frustrations and anger on the British rule in the poem. Amrita also used to write novels. Her most notable novel was called Pinjar. Pinjar meant a cage. It was published in the year 1950. A character in the novel, named Puro, was a figure of protest, women empowerment, freedom, and justice. This novel was made into a Bollywood film in the year 2003. This film bagged many awards. As she used to write during the time of independence, her writings were an inspiration for the fighters. When India and Pakistan were separated in 1947, Amrita was residing in Lahore. Later on, she moved into India. Though she moved into India, her popularity in Pakistan remained the same. For the Punjabi people, she was a milestone, an example to follow. Because of her hard work and her writings, Amrita received the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award. Amrita got the award for one of her poem named Sunehade, or messages. She also got the Bharatiya Jnanpith, Padma Vibhushan and another Sahitya Akademi Award for her poems. Her birthplace was Gujranwala, which was the name of Punjab in British India. Unfortunately, she died on the 31st of October in the year 2005. She died in Delhi. She was one of the finest poets India has ever produced and has left behind an ocean of her works.


AM Turaz

A.M. Turaz is a renowned lyricist in the Indian Film Industry. He is also a scriptwriter of movies and television, director and poet. He has given numerous hits to Bollywood. His work captures a unique blend of Hindi and Urdu languages. He also pens down ghazals and mushaira. The lyricist most acknowledged works include lyrics for 'Ghoomar-Ghoomar’, ‘Kabhi Jo Badal Barse', 'Udi', 'Aayat', 'Aaj Ibaadat'. A.M. Turaz was born on 19th of September in the year 1981 in a village named Sambhaleheda, located in Miranpur, Muzaffarnagar, and Uttar Pradesh India. He received his education in Miranpur and after that, he moved to Mumbai as he wanted to be a lyricist in movies. He started as a scriptwriter for television in the year 2005. His first few years there was the struggling phase of his career as he did not receive much recognition at that time. He started as a scriptwriter for television in the year 2005. The first movie in which he got work was 'Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana' in the year 2006. In 2007 he penned lyrics for a song in 'Khallas: The Beginning of End', for ‘Ruslan', ‘Wada Raha' and ‘Jail' in 2009, 'Mumbai 118' and 'Guzaarish' in 2010. He wrote the song 'Udi' for the well-known Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Guzaarish' which gathered much praise and success. The song became very popular, especially for its wonderful lyrics. Turaz worked with Sanjay Leela Bhansali again for the movies, 'Bajirao Mastani' and 'Padmaavat' for the songs such as 'Aayat' and 'Ghoomar-Ghoomar' which are very popular. In 2011 he worked for the movie 'Khaab' and 'Lanka'. In 2012 he wrote lyrics for three movies 'Ghost', 'Will you marry me’,’David’,'Jackpot' in 2013. The song 'Kabhi Jo Badal Barse' of Jackpot became a great hit. He worked for the movies 'Jeet lenge Jahan', 'Baat Ban Gayi' and 'Chakravyuh'. His lyrics received criticism for the song 'Tata, Birla and Ambani' in Chakravyuh and it also created controversies. In 2014 he penned lyrics for 'The Unforgettable', '3 A.M' 'Traffic', 'Wazir', 'Direct Ishq' and 'Ek Tera Sath' in 2016. Turaz is known for writing the romantic songs. His works are the amalgamation of his experiences and expenditures. He loves travelling and meeting people of diverse culture and countries, he likes to interact with them and know their perspective on life. He is the writer of the book 'Lamhe' which includes Hindi poetry and its publisher is Poets Corner Group. He received Radio Mirchi Award in the year 2015 and 2017. He is a member of Central Board of Film Certification and GMVSS, Delhi.

AM Turaz Hindi Actor