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Hindi Poet Gopaldas Neeraj
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Golpadas Neeraj is a poet from India. He has a reservoir of poems that mesmerizes the readers. Gopaldas Neeraj always ensures that the public enjoys the best brand of poetry. Neeraj demonstrates mastery in his write-ups. Golpadas contributes significantly to the growth of Hindi Literature. Gopaldas Neeraj’s quality of being ebullient, and determined is propelling this superstar to higher heights of glory. Gopaldas Neeraj debuts his writing career at a very early stage in life. Gopaldas Neeraj’s significant role helpedin the growth of the literary milieu.

Neeraj is a superstar whose abilities are worth noting. Gopaldas writes poems that excite, and motivates the readers. Neeraj is a poet whose significant contributions to the advancement of Literature are worth noting. His works of literature in some his poems propelled him to higher heights of glory. He is a writer whose talent is making waves. Golpadas Neeraj is an inspiration to many youths, who are passionate about literature. Neeraj remains an icon in the field of poetry. Gopaldas is both a writer, and a professor. This icon involves himself in teaching. He is employed at the Dharma Samaj College, Aligarh. Golpadas Neeraj’s role in this institution is to deliver lectures in Hindi Literature. Neeraj became famous at Dharma Samaj College, due to his unique way of educating the students.

The job as a tutor, provides a platform for Golpadas Neeraj to showcase his immense ocean of talents. Many of Golpadas’ poems, and melodies are applicable in the Bollywood Movie Industry. Golpadas’ works of art are making waves in films of the Hindi Language, and are famous. Neeraj writes songs for use in the entertainment milieu, and several Hindi Movies. He attains a position as a songwriter, who writes down his magicin both Hindi and Urdu. His proficiency in the respective languages is astounding. During an interview, Gopaldas Neeraj describes himself as a writer, who is not fortunate. The icon feels that he is yet to achieve the best. This results to break in writing of songs, and confining himself to just writing poems. He also ensures the publishing of these poems.

The reason for Golpadas’ unhappy mood is that, he did not get a positive response from three prominent music directors of the Hindi Cinema Industry for whom he wrote exceptional and famous songs. He mentions the death of “Shankar Jai Kaishan” and also Sachin Dev Burman, for both of whom Neeraj had written movie songs. The deaths of these Music Directors at the peak of Gopaldas Neeraj’s fame, makes him disappointed, and he makes a decision to quit the entertainment milieu. As of 2012, Neeraj accepts a job as the Chancellor of Mangalayatan University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh


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