Ranadip De is an advertising creative/ e-commerce SEO. He is based in Singapore and is doing advertising for 12 years in the creative space. He is the son of Dilip De and ShobhaaDe.He has five other siblings, i.e., there are a total of six children including him.

He is an extrovert person, likes to make friends and makes friends very effortlessly. He loves to travel path fewer tours and has lived in countries, which are India, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, United States and the UnitedKingdom. He is not very fond of people who talk about themselves but is a funny person. Ranadip likes to read, and so he enjoys to implement some of the phrases in his real life.

The phrase, ‘Keep Walking’by Kipling and Dr. Seuss is his favorite one as he likes to be persistent. He is a huge fan of trance, and he listens to them every morning. He strongly believes in the quote, ‘If you want something badly, the whole world conspires with you to get it.’.

Coming to Ranadip’s interests, he is an artist and usually loves nature or abstract drawings. His all-time favorite is Nocturne in Black and Gold by James Whistler. He is a calm person and does yoga and Vipassana Meditation form last five years. He likes to read a day book and is a fan of Mindfulness. He says to lean towards start-ups. Ranadipadoreslearning new languages as he is currently learning Bengali. He already knows how to speak in English, Bangla, Hindi, and Marathi.

Coming to movies, books and music he likes V for Vendetta, Sunset Boulevard by Paul Auster, Paul Auster, Zero to One. Ranadip has a very stimulating habit of interacting with strangers. A Malaysian family adopted him when he was sick and alone. They took care of him during his dark times. The family refused any remuneration and were his pillar of strength. He trusts in breaking the rat race and becoming an entrepreneur.

Though he is new to it; he still believes in start-ups. Posterama is an art designed by graphic designers launched on December 2012. Ranadip de intended it by getting inspired from a poem by Rudyard Kipling. He has worked for many agencies across Dubai, Mumbai, and Kuala Lumpur. In the year 2011, he launched a website along with his partner which focuses on digital ideas that generate tests and produces ideas with focus. The company designs inspirational posters.

Ramesh Ramamoorthy Hindi Actor

Ramesh Ramamoorthy

Ramesh Ramamoorthy, born in 1960 is an American Scientist from the Indian descent who has greatly developed the organization, assembly, and perception of complex functional oxides, such as Ferroelectric elements, laying the basis for development and use of multiferroic materials. In particular, his work established the growth of Ferroelectric Perovskites, Manganites with Multiferroic Oxides and Colossal Magneto Resistance, with great influence on the elementary physics and with the potential for important benefits for advanced information technologies. He has served as an Educator at the University of California in the Departments of Physics and Materials Science and Engineering. He also manages more than 500 scientists as the Associate Laboratory Director in the Department of Energy Technologies at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He has written over 540 papers in globally accepted journals which have been mentioned more than 54,000 times. He has been published 27 patents, and his method for fabricating ferroelectric materials for blind access concept has been used by the world’s largest memory companies. In the year 1980, Ramesh obtained his Bachelor of Science grade in the Department of Chemistry from the Madras University. In 1983, he graduated from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore with a Bachelor's Degree in Metallurgy. He earned his Doctorate in Materials Science from the University of California in the year 1987. He then worked at the National Center for Electron Microscopy in the position of a Postdoctoral Associate in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). He further went to Bell Communications Research in 1989 and began research in various key electrical device technologies, which included the Ferroelectric Non-Volatile Memories. Ramesh entered the University of Maryland in 1995 and was appraised as a Professor in 1999 and gained a much higher Professor position in 2003. The same year he became a part of the University of California as a faculty in the Physics Departments and Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He currently works for Energy Technologies as Purnendu Chatterjee as a Chairperson.  In 2004, he joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a faculty Scientist and later became the Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for the Department of Energy Technologies in 2014. In his role as ALD, he worked as a strategic head and for three Laboratory Divisions focused on Energy Technologies. The Energy Technologies Area carries research for the U.S. Office of Energy other governmental entities, as well as for state parties, with a focus on the private sector of California. Ramesh worked under Energy Secretary Chu in the position of a Founding Director whose main aim was to bring down the cost of solar electricity to grid equality. One notable result of his position as the director has been to establish the scientific foundations for solar energy research. Later, he also gained a prominent position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Ramesh explored the development of thin film ferroelectric materials for random access memory (FRAMS), which he started first at Bellcore’s Red Bank, then at the New Jersey facility, and later at the University of Maryland. He was the first to show that carrying oxide electrodes reduce the 30-year old obstacle of polarization weakness, managed through conservative control of the physics of the electrode-ferroelectric interface. This was an important step in the growth of good FRAM devices and became used by many companies such as Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, and others companies worldwide. His work has also been converted into a novel which can make people more easily understand the fiction to create semi-conductor. He holds over 20 controls in the field of ferroelectric thin layers and devices.


Rashi Bunny

Popularly known for her performance in Bhisham Sahni's Madhavi, Rashi Bunny is an Indian theatre actress.  She currently resides in Bombay and has many awards in her name. She studied theatre at the University of Alabama and Rutgers University after completing primary and secondary education in India. She has worked in innumerable plays, and her first solo performance was with Arvind Gaur in 'Madhavi'. Her second solo, Hidden Fires, which was selected as one of the best plays of the year by SKP, was also directed by Arvind Gaur. Her plays dealt with many social issues like child abuse, domestic abuse and NRI issues.  Rashi’s passion for skits and plays can be clearly seen in plays directed by her. She was the founder of the Banjara Theatre group at IIT Kharagpur. She has directed plays like 'Shrishti ka Aakhari Aadmi', 'Bakri' which were well acclaimed.  Rashi has been a dynamic person who has invested her life in all fields of play and has opened up theatre teaching institutes.She has directed open air productions like Daldal and also directed musical videos for Children's Theatre Wings of Banjara. She has taken part in theatre festivals and has written plays for the NGO's in India and abroad. She was one of the chosen 50 icons for emerging personality in India in 2005.This was conducted by the Sahara India Group. She has also gained international recognition. She has been awarded 'Colour Of Nation' at International Theatre Festival. Her other international awards include 'President's Honour role for Academic Excellence'. For the children's play, 'Kitne Tare Kitne Bulb' she won the award for best director. The critics have always praised Rashi’s performance and described it as being flawless. They have enjoyed all her plays and have revered her talent and creativity in designing simple sets, and passing on a very powerful social message. She is popularly known for her ' I have a dream theatre workshop' for self-exploration and creative expression. In a recent interview, Rashi said that she goes with the flow of he life. She saw herself as a wanderer in Banjara and sees the ample number of opportunities in the form of an ocean in Mumbai. She described her best moments; one of them was when she was offered a pomegranate by an old lady after her performance in Yerevan. The pomegranate symbolized life abundance and soul. The other one was when she couldn't get off the stage even after the curtain closed, thanks to the people standing clapping and cheering for her in International Russia Film Festival.

Rashi Bunny Hindi Actress