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Hindi Music Director Rohan Pradhan
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Rohan Pradhan was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. At a very young age, he started to learn music. Rohan Pradhan is an Indian music director, composer, lyricist, and musician. He also plays many instruments like piano, keyboard, and guitar. In 2014, Rohan Pradhan joined hands with Rohan Gokhale Rohan Gokhale is an Indian music director and lyri >> Read More... and formed a band called Rohan-Rohan. This duo is famous for co-producing the Marathi film Bardo. The song Raan Petla in this film provided them with two National Awards, one for best film and the other for Best Female Singer. Rohan is also known for his other films like Sanju, Kissebaaz, Ventilator, and when you meet your ex. Some of his songs include Angaat Aalaya, Kuni Mhanale, Ranjana Unfold, Aaple Saheb Thackeray, and Saheb Tu Sarkar Tu.


Born: 21 May 1991

Lived For 26 Years

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