Srishti Sharma is a model turned actress. She was seen in serial called ‘Kali Kali Ratien’ on channel Sahara one. The serial was based on horror stories and depicted the life after death. The serial was well appreciated by the audience, and performances of the actors acting in it. Srishti Sharma is a Delhi-based model and in a later career, she went on doing serials. She was also seen in some of the daily soaps.

A model is recognized with beauty and physical fitness, and indeed, she displays that. She has got these two as nature’s gift. With her increasing career graph, she proved that she is passionate about her work and profession. She strived hard to make her place in the position where she is now. She is self-made model turned actress. Starting from advertisement commercials, then to television serials and now movies, she is increasing her forte and making way for success. She is a fan of SRK, Amitabh Bachchan and Kajol as the actress says.

She was seen in a movie called‘Hawa Hawaai’ in 2014 and later in a movie called ‘ Monsoon’ in 2015.

Subhasree Ganguly

Subashsree Ganguly was born on 3rd September 1990 in Kolkatta of West Bengal state. She is a very popular actress, screenplay writer, and model. She initially ventured into the Oriya based movies, and then switched over to the Bengali movies. The first movie of the actress in the Bengali language portrayed her acting skill, despite the fact that she did not play the leading female role. After this Bengali movie, she went back to Kolkata along with her parents. She got a couple of siblings, wherein which one is a sister, and another one is a brother. She acted in more than ten movies, and all of them except her debut movie were Bengali movies. In the year 2015, she has ventured in a Tamil movie, which is expected to do well. The name of the Kollywood movie is Maane Thaenae Paeye, and her co-star is Aari, a Tamilian actor cum fitness trainer. She has a couple more Bengali movies, which would get released in the year 2016. The actress is quite young and has acted in many movies over a short span of time. In this very short duration, she managed to pull it off pretty well. She got four awards and one of which is for her debut Bengali movie, that made a real difference to her career as an actress. She has proved her excellence in acting with a few movies. This is absolute because of her splendid acting. In fact, she got a lot of fan followers and got recognized in the Bengali film industry. She pulled it off with the most prestigious Anandalok Nayikar Khonje and became the winner. Her breakthrough in her career as an actress and about the Bengali film industry was the movie Pitribhumi. She became so eminent after the success of the Pitribhumi movie. She then grabbed her position as a lead actress. She has currently made her debut movie in Kollywood film industry. Having worked for only a short duration, the level of proficiency she has acquired is just unbelievable.

Subhasree Ganguly Hindi Actress