Poonam Jhawer is an Indian actress, singer, model and a Bollywood filmmaker. She debuted in Bollywood with hit Hindi film Mohra. Poonam was born on August 14, 1976. She belongs to a business class family. Poojashree, her mother, is a Hindi poetess. She has done lots of Kavi sammelan and written many books. She originally hails from Rajasthan, India. She did her schooling and graduation from Mumbai. Poonam had started her career by modelling for various brands like Dove soaps, Killer Jeans, Paneri sarees, etc.

She appeared in a magazine, Debonair's cover in the year 1995. Mohra, her debut movie starred Akshay Kumar, ' Suniel Shetty' and ' Raveena Tandon'. She had portrayed the role of Sunil Shetty's wife. Later, she did many hits South-Indian movies.

She also appeared in the famous song Chand Sa Tukda. Her movie Aanch released in 2003 made her debut as a producer. Aanch was directed by Rajesh Kumar Singh and starred Paresh Rawal, ' Nana Patekar' and ' Ayesha Jhulka'. The film did a moderate business with which Poonam became a known personality in North-India. In 2012, she again starred along big stars Akshay Kumar, 'Paresh Rawal', ' Mithun Chakraborty' in a blockbuster hit film OMG: Oh My God! She was also seen supporting Anna Hazare's hunger strike for corruption free India.

Another Version...

Poonam Jhawer is a model in India. Professionally she is also a singer, actress as well as maker of bollywood movies. Her bollywood career started with the movie "Mohra". She has also successfully done some South Indian films. The latest bollywood movie done by her is "Oh My God" which starred ‘Akshay Kumar’. Coming to her early life, she took birth in Mumbai, India on 14th August, 1976. Her father was indulged into business. Her mother was " Pooja Shree", who at the professional level was a poetess and has also being remained the part of live Kavi Sammelans. Her family belongs to Rajasthan originally but she completed her school education and college education from Mumbai.

During the initial days of her career, Poonam started doing modeling. She did modeling for many brands. Some of those are­ Killer Jeans, dress materials, Dove etc. In 1995, she has also appeared on Debonair Magazine's cover page. While coming to early stages of her career, she made her t debut with the bollywood movie "Mohra", a release of 1994. While she was on the shoot of an ad, film producers of this film noticed her and as a result she got the role in this film. She has also acted in some South Indian films, which were super hits. In the song "Chand Sa Mukhda", she also did the dance performance. She also performed in two other hit songs which are­ Na Kajre Ke Dhar which was sung by ‘ Pankaj Udhas’ in the movie "Mohra" and Kal Chaudhvin Ki Raat Thi in the movie "Jiyaala".

Then in 2003, she acted in the movie "Aanch", directed by ‘Rajesh Kumar’. She even went on to become producer with this film. She proceeded her career further in music with "Sun Meri Raani" as the singer for it. She has also done acting in the movies of ‘ Bappi Lahiri’ which are ­"Deewana Hoon Main Tera" and other one is "The Black and White Fact". She has performed in many regional movies like South Indian films, Marathi movies etc. Sansarachi Maya is her one of the Marathi movie that she did in 2011. 2G ­Radia Tion is her recent project which is a 2G spectrum based film. She did the role of Nira Raida in this film. As per makers of this film, she resembles Nira in personality. This film was produced by the group "Hiten", which is based in U.S.

She has also appeared in movie “Muthbhed­ A Planned Encounter", a ‘Kumar Mangal’ production and a ‘ Suraj Bhardwaj’ directed movie in the year 2011. In 2012, she returned back into bollywood with the movie "Oh My God". Although untill 2003 music was just a hobby for her but after that she started taking music as something more than it with her appearance in the movie "Aanch". She has done many music albums some of which were entitled with her name "Poo4u", "Poo Kya Jalwa" and "Take Me Home Baby".