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OmnaHarjani is newly introduced in Bollywood in a film titled ‘1982 A Love Marriage’. She is from Ajmer, Rajasthan and has excelled in education in her life. During her school days, she had participated in traditional activities including acting in some dramas. However, she continued to do her lessons and finished her chartered accountant curriculum. Her education led her to a profitable job in an international firm in Delhi. However, she soon left the job to chase her vision to enter into Bollywood with her acting career. In the year 2012, she moved to Mumbai to pursue her aspirations. She soon joined a drama course in a recognized institution, Creative Personalities in Mahada, Mumbai. Soon she got a couple of advertisements for several brands comprising the big one from Dove. She also got the opportunity to do a short flick called ‘ Kasak Kasak is daily soap television show which entertai >> Read More... ’.

Omna Harjani soon got the chance to interview for the movie ‘1982 A Love Marriage’ in which she got the lead part. However, at the same time, she has proposed a South Indian picture and she had to depart for the B Town entrance movie. Here she played the role of a charming village girl and it was praised by the media for a debut performer in the cinema. She is presently doing a couple of fliers and eager to do TV series provided she gets something on the small screen. She did the commercials for trademarks like Close Up and Maruti along with some indigenous products in the south. Debutante actress Omna Harjani, who had never stayed at a hamlet in her lifetime, had an astounding experience for filming in the village for her picture, ‘1982- A Love Marriage’. The performer says that she hasn’t resided in a village in her life.

The entire shooting was in the hamlet since the artist portrayed a village girl. It was a delightful unusual involvement and she had never envisioned that she’d be doing so in her opening film. She adored the village and its folks; there were many peacocks. It was lovely. The preview of the movie was publicized on January 28th and has achieved a substantial amount of likes and views on community media. The film is a little one but it’ll do fine at the box-office. It’s a lovely movie with meaning and a lot of entertainment. Her parents and acquaintances are also very eager since it’s the performer’s first flick as lead and they are enthusiastically waiting for the picture to publicize. ‘1982 – A Love Marriage’, managed by Prashant M Gorey, also introduced Amit Kumar Sharma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and is produced by Shiv Kumar Sharma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... .


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