India TV crime thriller serials like crime patrol and Savdhan India have been always a very viable platform For the youngsters who thrive to get a break on screen.

The roles are feasible to both artists and producers as the New artist do not charge much and the artists are in their Desperation of getting work. Geet Sharma Is an actress who Has appeared in many crime thriller series and comes handy For music videos and such episodic shows.

She initially Made her debut in theatre, as a normal theatre artist but Has ow been a good option and has been seen in a few Music videos also.

Sakshi Gupta

Sakshi Gupta is an esteemed Model, Actor, Blogger, and Freelance Styling Consultant. She lived most of her childhood in the isolated areas of India and fell immediately in love with “Fashion” the moment it was introduced. She dreams of being Miss India and getting back the international crown to our country. She was born on August 17. Sakshi Gupta is a native of Noida. She was awarded Sheen Elegant Diva at the Femina Style Diva 2015 for the Best Ramp Walk nationwide. She grew up in a family which supports value system, recognizes the importance of education, and encourages exploring the artistic side. She was an enthusiastic child during her childhood and participated in various creative activities such as painting, singing, and dancing, etc. As per her interests, she has a junior diploma in classical singing and has learned various dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kathak, and Jazz. She also understands different painting styles. Since her family respects education, she has completed Her Electronics and Communication Engineering from Amity University. Sakshi considers education as a vital phase in one’s life which has taught her discipline, determination and has broadened her perceptions. She was the first one from her family who ever aspired to make a career in such an offbeat field. As you know, anything that is started from scratch requires a lot of determination, will and hard work, and that’s all she had when she started. Moreover, her observation skills have always been one of her biggest strengths that made her realize the importance and impact of exposure on an individual in this industry to make it big in the future. She worked at an IT company for a few months right after she completed her graduation only to discover her actual passion. With this determination in my mind, she decided to participate in beauty pageants. She won the contest conducted by Avon titled ‘Simply Pretty Face’ in the year 2014. It provoked her immensely and was among the early stepping stones towards her success in her career. She has won many titles for her name like Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva 2017– Hyderabad Finalist, Miss TGPC East 2017, Fbb Femina Miss India 2017 Top 5 at Bihar Auditions, Femina Cover Girl November 2014 Edition, Pantene Proof walk with Parineeti Chopra, Indian Princess Finalist 2015 Print shoot for Pernia’s pop up designer. She has even worked for Fabels & Archana Kochhar. She featured on international pages like “humanedge” & “Pr0ject_soul.” She became a recognized face instantly. She was the title holder of Miss Tourism International India 2017 and was a finalist ofMiss Earth India 2016. According to the reports, she did a few acting projects, such as in ‘Dehleez,’ a daily soap aired on Star Plus, and ‘Fukrey Returns.’ She even did a small role in "Meet Yuvan, The Celebrity," a TV show aired on Star Bharath. 

Sakshi Gupta Hindi Actress