Nisha Yadav was born in Delhi and currently resides in Mumbai. She has done several roles as an actress in Bollywood and other film industries. She was named Ameesha Yadav at birth, but she later changed it to Nisha Yadav, which seemed more professional for her. Due to her liberal nature, carefree attitude and the willingness to act in bold and daring roles, she has been unfortunate in the sense that she got typecasted into the ‘Item girl’ category, getting roles in saucy dance sequences and similar character roles. It would seem that she doesn’t mind being typecast into such roles as she has done various photo shoots, some of them in nude.

She created a row of controversy after appearing in a documentary titled ‘Casting Ouch’. She responded to the critics and ‘Sanskari people’ very boldly, not trying to cover up what she had done. She reported that she was proud of herself and she was sure of her acts and that she was responsible for her own acts. She tried to convince everyone including her critics that she was not merely an ‘objectified entity’ or that she took such daring roles for money alone, when she took up the cause of water issues in Mumbai and the drainage troubles that the residents of Mumbai face.

She took up this venture by being featured in a shoot acknowledging the issue. The act of raising an issue such as drainage troubles by using a radical means such as appearing nude received mixed responses from the people. While she was criticized again for taking such’ anti-cultural’ measures, she was praised for her bravery and courage. It was this controversial means of social service that gave Nisha her popularity in the Bollywood industry and following this venture, she was given various new chances and opportunities for new movies in more prominent roles.

Nisha Triloki Hindi Actress

Nisha Triloki

Nisha Triloki is an Indian Actress. She works in the Hindi Film Industry. Aspiring to become an actress, she moved to the City of Bollywood – Mumbai. Until now, Nisha Triloki has only been seen in one movie, Ekk Thee Sanam (released in 2013). She has faced a lot of disapprovaland criticism for the film as it featured her in multiple bold scenes. The flick was given an ‘A’ rating by the Censor Board of India and hence, limited the audience of the film. Thus the Adult rating, in turn, resulted in low grossing numbers and the flick suffered at the box office. After working in Ekk Thee Sanam , she hasn’t been seen in any other movie. Many attribute the unavailability of films and offers due to the very poor performance of the first film as it could not garner audience attention or critical acclaim as a reason of her absence from the screen. Ekk Thee Sanam was released on the 11th of October in 2013. It comes under the genre of Romance and Drama. Monish Kaushal was the Director of Photography (DOP) as well as the Director of the flick. The movie cast Nisha Triloki, Rajender Thakur and Gopal Thakur as leads. The picture was shot under the banner of Harmony Pictures. It is written and produced by C.R.Parthasarthi and D.R.K. Nisha plays the role of a woman named Sanam in the film. Sanam is unfaithful to her husband, Rajesh. She gets aroused by a painter named Goldie Singh who attempts to shoot her in an inappropriate and indecent MMS and then blackmail her. Goldie who lives in their house as a paying guest and lonely Sanam starts an illicitaffair with him as her husband is out of town. The flick was termed as a “disaster”, received flak from critic reviews and also given the title of the “worst movie of 2013”. Nisha garnered a lot of controversy due to the ill and oppressive portrayal of women in the film. The flick also flopped catastrophically at the box office with a total earning of about three to four lacks. Although Nisha’s choice of character and role was condemned,however, her portrayal of the same was appreciated. Nisha Triloki has not been seen in any major feature film since the failureof Ekk Thee Sanam in 2013.


Nishi Kohli

Nishi is a well known Punjabi actress who did not have a big career in Hindi films, but she was a big name in Punjabi cinema. While she was cast in secondary roles in Hindi cinema, she acted in A-class movies in Punjabi films that earned national film awards in the film festival. Her prominent roles in Punjabi cinema include in films like "Jatti Main Punjab di" opposite Premnath and ‘’Satluj De Kandhe’’ opposite Balraj Sahni. Nishi was an actress of black and white era in Punjabi cinema, but later got chances to act in colour films of Bollywood too and had acted with leading stars of Indian cinema like Raj Kapoor, Balraj Sahni, Bharat Bhushan, Helen, Ashok Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Madhubala, Mala Sinha, Rajendra Kumar and other top leading stars in Bollywood. While she was cast as a leading actress in Punjabi films, in Hindi films she was seen playing a supporting role with heroines like Mala Sinha, Madhubala or even Vyjayanthimala. Her notable films include’ Main Nashe Mein Hoon’, ‘Ganwaar’, ‘Phagun’, ‘Boy Friend’, ‘Naya Kanoon’ and ‘Railway Platform’. However, she managed to make her impression in a few lead roles in B-town too but gained a handful of good roles in Punjabi films only. Later she got married to a producer Raj Kumar Kohli, who made snake woman thriller like Nagin and Jaani Dushman( both in 1979 and 2002). She has acted in 68 films in Hindi and left a magical spell in Bollywood. Her good looks and screen presence often gave her roles of princess or even rich woman with leading Hindi heroines. She was extremely beautiful and had a photogenic face. Nishi Kohli has a son Armaan Kohli and a daughter Gogi Kohli. Nishi’s son is also an actor who made debut as a child artiste in his father’s films such as Badle Ki Aag and Raaj Tilak. Nishi Kohli had also launched her son in her husband’s production film too, but the actor then went to appear in TV shows like Big Boss. Her son will make his comeback in SalmanKhan’s costliest film ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’. The actress Nishi Kohli will be remembered for her stunning looks and powerful performances in Hindi and Punjabi cinema

Nishi Kohli Hindi Actress