Debonita Sur is an Indian Bollywood actress. Before being an actress, she was a model and participated in various modeling assignments. She also worked with many great designers and was present at their shows. She was born in the eastern part of India called Kolkata. She did her schooling from Kolkata itself, and then she moved to Mumbai to pursue her dream career. During her initial days, she started working as a model and received many modeling contracts from the agencies. She also got an opportunity to be a host of T20 world cup tournament held in 2013.The event was very mesmerizing and dazzling experience. She gained a lot of experience which also helped her in self-development and career building.

She said that she enjoyed the whole experience and is something that she would never forget. In 25th September 2016, Debonita Sur produced a short film called “Pani Puri- the Taste of Memories” under the banner of Biscoott Short Films. The short movie starring Sumit S Sandhu, Neha Anand and written by Chirag, Debatma is also available on the Youtube. It is made under the production of Super Eight Productions and with the production team of Ali, Faizan.

The editor and director of the motion picture are Pintu Gupta and Raja Ram Mukerji. The short film has got more than sixteen thousand views on YouTube. Debonita Sur first debut film was released in the year 2014 called “Bhangarh: Asia's Most Haunted Place” directed and written by Dilip Sood and produced by Dilip Sood, Ajay Rai, and Mayank Jain. It is of the Bollywood horror thriller genre and highly inspired by a film released in 2000 The Final Destination (Hollywood movie). Bhangarh is a real haunted place situated in Rajasthan, and it is considered to be Asia’s one of the most haunted places. In this fiction story, six friends decided to go on a trip to Bhangarh as a reunion, but they didn’t know what awaited them there.

They avail the secrets and behind the story of the Bhangarh Fort. The film tells the history of Bhangarh fort and how it became haunted. The other cast starring are Adeel Chaudhry, Suzanna Mukherjee, Tom Alter, Puneet Choudhary, Aneet Kaur Sekhon, Debonita Sur, and Herry Tangri