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Nisha Triloki is an Indian Actress. She works in the Hindi Film Industry. Aspiring to become an actress, she moved to the City of Bollywood – Mumbai. Until now, Nisha Triloki has only been seen in one movie, Ekk Thee Sanam (released in 2013). She has faced a lot of disapprovaland criticism for the film as it featured her in multiple bold scenes. The flick was given an ‘A’ rating by the Censor Board of India and hence, limited the audience of the film. Thus the Adult rating, in turn, resulted in low grossing numbers and the flick suffered at the box office. After working in Ekk Thee Sanam , she hasn’t been seen in any other movie. Many attribute the unavailability of films and offers due to the very poor performance of the first film as it could not garner audience attention or critical acclaim as a reason of her absence from the screen.

Ekk Thee Sanam was released on the 11th of October in 2013. It comes under the genre of Romance and Drama. Monish Kaushal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... was the Director of Photography (DOP) as well as the Director of the flick. The movie cast Nisha Triloki, Rajender Thakur Rajender Thakur is an aspiring Bollywood Actor, wh >> Read More... and Gopal Thakur Bio coming soon... >> Read More... as leads. The picture was shot under the banner of Harmony Pictures. It is written and produced by C.R.Parthasarthi and D.R.K. Nisha plays the role of a woman named Sanam in the film. Sanam is unfaithful to her husband, Rajesh. She gets aroused by a painter named Goldie Singh who attempts to shoot her in an inappropriate and indecent MMS and then blackmail her. Goldie who lives in their house as a paying guest and lonely Sanam starts an illicitaffair with him as her husband is out of town.

The flick was termed as a “disaster”, received flak from critic reviews and also given the title of the “worst movie of 2013”. Nisha garnered a lot of controversy due to the ill and oppressive portrayal of women in the film. The flick also flopped catastrophically at the box office with a total earning of about three to four lacks. Although Nisha’s choice of character and role was condemned,however, her portrayal of the same was appreciated. Nisha Triloki has not been seen in any major feature film since the failureof Ekk Thee Sanam in 2013.


Born: 27 February 1992

Age Now 32

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Manoj Muntashir - (Lyricist)

Born: 27 February 1990

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