Mitalee Jagtap Varadkar is a national award winning actress. She acts in Hindi and Marathi cinema. Before making her debut in the film, she acted in Hindi and Marathi serial. This actress was born in, Maharashtra. After she had completed her education, she joined the glamour world. She was given enough comfort from her family members to venture into the field of glamour.

She played as a child actor when she was studying in 3rd standard. She got her break as a kid artiste in the film ‘ Devki’ and enrolled herself for a subject in Theater Arts simultaneously when she was progressing with her degree courses. Later she moved to Mumbai and joined a theater group ‘Ashwatha’ and worked at Prithvi Theatre, which is in Mumbai. Soon, she encountered an opportunity to act in many TV serials such as like ‘ Kkusum’, ‘Kalire’, ‘ CID’, ‘Hakikat’, ‘ Kagaar’ and then went on to act in Marathi serials such as ‘Aakash Peltana’.

She also appeared in a few more serials such as Vadalvaat’, Tikala Te Political’, and ‘Pimplepaan’. She then got her break in Marathi films like Vitthal Vitthal’ and ‘Aag’. She later tied the knot with a renowned Cameraman Sandeep Varadkar. After her wedding, she took a break from acting. Later, she made her comeback in films with Babu Band Bajaa’ and won a national award.

She was very impressive in the role of a mother in the film and very expressive in every scene. She also appeared later in Prakash Jha’s film”Satyagraha’ where her role was cut, and Deepti Naval dubbed her voice. While she was performing in a shot for the film “Satyagraha’, Amitabh Bachchan had clapped in front of the mob of about 500 people which she feels enough to take credit as an artist.

It is said that Mr. Bachchan did not know who the actress was, but later Prakash Jha told Amitabh that she is a Marathi national award winning actress. Mitali Jagtap Varadkar feels that she is proud to be in the team of Bachchan.