Asha Posley

Other names of Asha Posley: Sabira Begum

Asha Posley, born as Sabira Begum is a veteran actress from the historic age of pre-independence Indian cinema. Born in 1927, in Patiala, Punjab, Asha was the daughter of the legendary music composer Inayat Ali Khan. Her sister was a very well-known playback singer by the name of Kausar Parveen. Belonging to such a talent-filled family, Asha herself wanted to join the entertainment world. She made her debut in 1944, in a Punjabi film named Gawandi. Asha played a supporting role in this film, and her simplicity and stellar acting won the hearts of everyone. Her next film was Champa released in 1954, she starred as the lead actress in the film and absolutely stole the show with her amazing acting chops. Her next two films were Kamlin in 1946 and Arsi in 1947, which were her last two Hindi films in India. Soon after India was an independent country, and separation took place, Asha moved to Pakistan with her family. She moved to Lahore.

In 1948, she became the first-ever Pakistani actress starring in first-ever Pakistani feature film by the name of Teri Yaad. This was a landmark film in Pakistani cinematic history, as this was the first time since the segregation of the two countries that Pakistani artists totally directed, wrote and produced their first-ever movie. Opposite Asha was Nasir Khan Nasir Khan is an Indian Film Actor. He worked in t >> Read More... Nasir Khan , Dilip Kumar’s brother. Since then, Asha went on to star in numerous super-hit movies like Roop Rekha, Barkha, Shola, Deewar, Parvaaz, Sassi, Pattan, Naukar and countless other timeless classics. In the film Teri Yaad, Asha even performed a song as a playback singer. She sang about 4 songs, which were Teri Yaad Aye, A Dil Walo, Humein to Intezaar and one other. Asha received a lifetime achievement award from Nigar Awards in 1982 for her excellence in Pakistani cinema. Asha passed away on 26th March 1998 in Lahore, Pakistan.