Alisa Khan is the recent promising star of Bollywood. She had acted in only one movie in the year 2013 namely My Husband's Wife. She is a royal star who has joined the successful league of Bollywood icons. Alisa Khan does belong to Nawab Ghaziauddin Khan's family circle. So after her only, the whole Ghaziabad of Delhi was named. Her debut media coverage was an accident. She had decided to work in the video albums with Mika as well as Bally Sagoo. 
It had become an absolute hit and this gave a good recognition to Alisa Khan. She had got into her profession when she was 12 years old. She had been very talented in dancing and in a way, an exemplary and a passionate actor in Bollywood industry. Then she got into modelling which was undoubtedly a huge welcome for the growing actress. She had given a statement that she would definitely turn out to be a promising star and a number one actress. 
This apparently shows that she has immense conviction upon her and it is evident too. Alisa Khan had acted in a prominent Tamil movie, namely Moongil Vizhigal alongside with Kollywood's Supreme Star R. Sarath Kumar. She made her calibre in the Bollywood industry devoid of any film background. It literally shows that she has done a commendable job as an actress and pulled it off. She is very clear and determined about the movie scripts she worked.This bagged Alisa Khan a new project under the direction of Vikram Bhatt. The movie got titled as Aaina. Alisa Khan is acting opposite to Emraan Hashmi. It is expected out to be a good movie to be turned up. She had also admitted that she was offered to take up supporting roles, but she denied those offers and said that she never wanted to be interested in being somebody's sidekick. 
The newbie also had revealed that she had signed up for a couple more movies after Aaina. This shows her trust and determination in becoming a supreme star. Alisa Khan is a royal star who adores to take good projects and always wanted to do the lead role. This is a very positive attitude of Alisa Khan in her career.