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Natasha Singh Natasha Singh Chauhan is an Indian actress and soc >> Read More... is an Indian stage and television actress working in Bollywood. She, with her gorgeous eyes and the gifted skill of act, has made her steal all the hearts away. She is not just a beauty from outside, but from inside as well. he way Natasha carries herself, the way she acts, the way she behaves, shows her profound passion for the theaters. Natasha Singh, from a very young age, entered the field of acting. She is well known for her acting on and off-camera.

Natasha Singh made her television debut by starring on a mini-series named Yudh (2014) in which she played the role of Manjari. She is well known for her role in Yudh and Made in Heaven, an Amazon Original, which was released in 2019. The series was about the story of wedding planners handling their personal life problems. She is also spotted in the movie, Fan (2016) as a reporter, and Hero (2015), as a News show guest. Natasha Singh carries a bold personality with a kind heart. She has never hurt anyone's sentiments for her own benefits.


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