Shweta Kumar Hindi Actress
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Shweta Kumar is an actress and the daughter of reputed director, Indra Kumar Indra Kumar is a prominent award-winning Indian fi >> Read More... Indra Kumar . The 24-year-old is mostly known for her role in Himesh Reshammiya-starrer Karzzzz (2008). Her recent appearance was in the Rekha-starrer Super Naani (2014). She is trained in acting and dancing.

She is niece to actress Aruna Irani Aruna Irani is an Indian actress who has acted in >> Read More... Aruna Irani , and was born and brought up in Mumbai. She is 5'4", an averagely tall beauty with long black hair and black eyes. Her debut film did not gain much came for her. Her character in Super Naani was of the love interest of Sharman Joshi, who is another lead character in this movie alongside Rekha.

She is highly active on social media, with her Twitter handle shwetakumar09, Snapchat id shwetakumar9 and Instagram handle @shwetakumar9_official. She proclaims herself as a foodie, an actress and that she loves to travel.

She has 1.8k+ followers on Instagram and about 200 followers on Twitter, where she calls herself an "actor, performer and animal lover among other things". She has been associated with certain play acts and theater too. She loves listening to music, reading books and shopping.

She likes to listen to soft music; her favorite singers are Arijit Singh and Alka Yagnik. She is a person who likes to travel and her favorite places to travel around are Paris and England. She has toured many places around the world. She is remembered as a girl named Tina in the movie Karzzzz opposite Himesh Reshammiya.

She loves to attend film parties and events and can be seen hanging out with many of the A-listers in the industry. She is a socialite and is enthusiastic about clicking pictures with other celebrities, and dutifully posts them on her social media, to give her fans a glimpse of her starry life.

In Karzzzz, she had played a decent role with much conviction, but she did not garner much applause for it. She is a talented actress and hopefully, we'll see her in more movies. Her paternal uncle is Adi Irani Adi Irani is a professional actor and TV artist. >> Read More... Adi Irani . She has worked hard to pave her way into the film industry; she can act, sing and dance as well. This unique combination of beauty and talent make her a great woman to work with.

Randheer Kapoor was quoted commenting that Shweta reminds him of his daughter Kareena. This incident got a lot of fluff in the news and people who did not know Shweta before came to realise that she featured in Karzzzz and Super Naani.