Zeeshan Khan Hindi Actor
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Zeeshan Khan is an Indian Actor in the Film Industry. He is a young actor and has not established a place for himself in the Industry yet. He does movies in the Hindi language. He was born on the 18th of October,1992. At a young age of 24, he has managed to garner the attention of the audiences by his performance in “The Last Tale of Kayenaat”. He played the male protagonist in the movie.. He also played the main role in the movie Dil Deewana Crazy Hai. Being an actor with immense talent, versatility and keenness to do different roles, both his flicks have been very unlike each other. His work speaks for his passion for acting.

The movie Dil Deewana Crazy Hai is directed by Iqbal Bakshi. Iqbal Bakshi is one of the new talented directors who is trying to leave a mark on the Hindi Film Industry. The flick is produced by Rizwan Malim and Rajeeve Gautam. The plot of the movie is like any generic Hindi film plot as it revolves around the love being developed between the leads of the narrative. The clichéd statement “Love is Blind” is depicted in the movie by the craziness and inclination of both the protagonists towards each other. Zeeshan Khan plays the lead role in the flick, and Vani Vashishth Vani Vashishth was born on 7th Feb and she spent h >> Read More... Vani Vashishth portrays the character of his love interest. Zeeshan played the role of a fun, whacky and comical guy in the movie.

The Last Tale of Kayenaat is an Indian horror movie which casts Zeeshan Khan and Vani Vashishth as the main leads. It was released on 25th November, 2016. Apart from the horror angle of the flick, it was also a romantic film depicting the enchantment of the protagonists. The producers of the film were Rizwan Malim & Rajeeve Gautam. With the same cast and crew as Dil Deewana Crazy Hai, the banners R M Cine Entertainment & Rajrappa Production recreated the magic on screen. The film was majorly popular for its songs like Tere Pyar Ka, Tu Mila Sab, Zara Dil Mein to name a few. Zeeshan did justice to his character in this romantic-horror film.