Vishal Vashishtha Hindi Actor
Vishal Vashishtha, famously known today by his character name Baldev came into the spotlight for his part in Channel V's show Crazy Stupid Ishq Crazy Stupid Ishq was an Indian television sitcom. >> Read More... Crazy Stupid Ishq . He played the role of Ayaan in the show. He has similarly done various advertisement ads too. After his father’s death, all the responsibilities fell onto his shoulder since he was the eldest son.

Early in his age, he was a child of extremely modest nature. He was very shy by nature.  Till class 10, he participated in a number of competitions, including debates, elocutions and dramas. He picked science stream after class 10 as he wanted to strive for biotech. However, he later shifted to commerce stream. It was then, he started with his martial arts and dance classes. It truly helped him to be firm and unwinding.

 While pursuing his graduation, he packed his bags and came to Mumbai. He then joined acting classes and did a 3 month course in acting. He was offered with a few ad commercials. He subsequently went on to join a production team. In those days, auditions were going for the role of Aryan. He gave the audition from Kolkata and inside a week he was offered with the role of Aryan. In that year, he marked his debut with the role of Aryan for the show crazy stupid Ishq.

Recently, he was seen playing the bad guy character of Baldev in the show Veera aired on Star Plus. Talking about the show he told that the character of Baldev will create a lot of issues in Ranvijay and Veera’s life. For the character of Baldev, he was nominated for the best actor in a comic role award category.  He later went ahead to win that award.