Tanveer Zaidi is an actor in India. He was born on 6 June to Syed Mashooq Hussain in Allahabad. He did his schooling from St Joseph’s College of Allahabad, IERT (Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology) and Allahabad University. He has interests in acting, journalism and writing stories. Tanveer also referred to as ‘Jack of all trades’.

He has acted in plays, motion pictures, and telefilms. He has written columns for the newspaper, has remained editor for some publications, and is a computer professional, a model, and an educationist. Tanveer Zaidi started his acting career at a very early stage. He was a child artist in the famous play- Adrak Ke Punjey of Babban Khan. The play was a huge success and was the longest-running play in the history of the world. Apart from that he has done various plays like Naqab, Ghoda Ghaas Nhi Khata, Bakri, Chunu Miya Ki Chai, Kab Door Hoga Dil ka Tamas and much more. He has been associated with the marketing of brands like NP bubblegum and Longiya Zarda. He has modeled for these brands. Also, as a model, he has featured in newspapers and on covers of magazines like Manorama, Dainik Jagran, Sachi Kahaniya and Nutan Kahaniya. He has lent his voice to A.I.R. (All India Radio) plays like Chun Mun and Masiha. Tanveer has done some television shows too. He has acted in TV shows including ‘Prerna’- where he played the character of Vijay, Jurm, Music Mania, ‘Adalat’, Mano Ya Na Mano, Ek Kahani Bio coming soon >> Read More... Ek Kahani , Josh Malihabadi, and Jail Mein Hai Zindagi. Jail Mein hai Zindagi was a comedy drama which featured two prisoners Ayaram and Gayaram.

Tanveer played the character of Ayaram. He was also seen in music video albums Sharmili Nazar and Ammaneh. He began his career in films from the movie ‘Be-Lagaam’ in 2002. Be-lagaam produced by Anil Mehta Anil Mehta is a cinematographer, director, and wri >> Read More... Anil Mehta became very popular. In the picture, Tanveer was the protagonist - Parmod. After this, Tanveer did many movies like Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya, Shadi Wadi, ‘Umas’, Murga Jhatke ka, ‘Sajni’, The Last Encounter, and ‘Guardians’. Tanveer is also cast in the films Ishq Bawandar, Subha Hone Do, Bargad Ka Ped, I Love You, 26th January Good Morning India and Ye Jeevan Hai. Tanveer was also seen in an English film The White Butterfly for Camel Productions of Austria. He was honored with the best actor award for his Awadhi/Hindi movie- Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya in which he played a police inspector Ansh. In the year 2012, he was awarded Reliance award for his contribution to the entertainment industry. In the same year, he won Yellow and Red Music Award. He was given the best actor award for his film ‘Ye Jeevan Hai’ by RK Excellence Award (National Award) in 2013. Tanveer has also been a part of the reality TV shows Big Memsaab Big Memsaab is areality show broadcast on Big Magi >> Read More... Big Memsaab for the season 4 and 5 and Asli Number One on the Big Magic Channel. Asli Number One was also broadcast on 92.7 Big FM. He also judged Mele Ka Big Star Season 1 and 2. He has also contributed his poems to the newspapers like Times of India and Northern India Patrika. He is a columnist for many publications and has written Alladin and Jin for Amrit Prabhat. With this, he is also the writer of many short stories like Surya Kumari, Bistar, Rehasamaye Panja, Chakra and much more.

He says he just performs and doesn’t care about the result. He believes that whatever happens, it will be for good. He confessed that in his childhood, he had a crush on the comic character Barbie Doll. He distributed the gifts in a prize distribution ceremony of cycle rally. He said that no exercise was better than cycling. He has also organized events such as Acti Prayag Award Show and contest of Miss Manorama Beauty Queen. Tanveer was the editor of the fortnightly Hindi magazine ‘Film Screen’ for almost seven years. He also held the status of Chief Editor of the newspaper daily Indian Leader for some time. Right now, Tanveer is the director of Acti Public School and Acti Computers. He happens to be the editor of the weekly online magazine (e-magazine) India News World. He is putting efforts to join people who believe in the concept of Awadhi Film Industry and will help to establish one.

Another Version of this Bio…

Tanveer Zaidi is an Indian Film actor and Educationist. He acted in a few Hindi Films. He became more popular after the release of his blockbuster film “Be-Lagaam”, playing the lead role named Pramod. Tanveer was born on 6 June in Allahabad, U.P in India. His father’s name is Syed Mashooq Hussain. He was a Software professional and director of both Acti computers and Acti Public School before entering into films.

He has started acting since his childhood. He was a child Artist in his first film ‘Adrak Ke Punjey', directed by Babban Khan. He acted in a Hindi film Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya, featuring as Police Inspector Ansh. His well-known serials are Jail mein hai Zindagi, MusicMania, Jurm, Adalat, Big Memsaab 5, Mele Ka Big Star 1, and Mano Ya Na Mano. Tanveer is passionate about Radio and Creative Writing. Besides, he has a liking for modeling. His Bollywood projects are 26th January Good Morning India, 'The Last Encounter', ' 'Umas', 'Ye Jeevan Hai', and ‘Shadi Wadi'. He played the lead role in all these films. The movie Guardians was released in June 2014, and Zaidi featured in this movie playing the lead role Aakash. Tanveer appeared in the Danik Jagran's Hercules Inext Bikeathon in Allahabad organized by Inext. He announced the winners and gave them accolades.

Tanveer got Nift Awards for Best Actor for the film Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya in 2011. This movie reflects the Indian ethos and family values. In 2012, he got Reliance award for his work in the entertainment field. He got awarded by Red and Yellow Music in the same year. He was awarded Best Actor award for the film Ye Jeevan Hai. He also works on some modelling assignments. Recently, he also released his Album “Ammaneh”. Tanveer appeared as a Judge on the show Big Memsaab hosted by Big Magic channel and Asli Number One in 92.7 Big FM. Tanveer Zaidi stated that he is a staunch believer in God. Barbie is Tanveer’s favorite comic character and he had a crush on it during his childhood. He believes cycling is the best exercise compared to any other activity. He has done cycling since his childhood and continued it until the end of his education. His recent Hindi short film is The Last Encounter, directed by C.S. Forester.