Nikhil Roy is known for his attractive countenance paired with his zeal for acting. He is famous for his contribution to small screen drama and to an extent, his brief association with Bollywood. He has played significant roles in prominent and endeared shows like Bhaskar Bharti Bhaskar Bharti was a romantic Rom-Com TV serial wh >> Read More... Bhaskar Bharti , Miilee, Bhabhi and Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuchh Kar Dikhayengi. He starred in a few films as a supporting actor and quit the film industry because of its monotony. He accepts challenging roles and made his comeback to the entertainment industry through the iconic television series CID. Having no intention of entering into the showbiz, Nikhil procured his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed college. He came to Mumbai to visit an acquaintance and upon being encouraged by his peers, he proceeded towards imagining a career in the entertainment industry. He got offered all the parts that he auditioned for, and his career advanced smoothly.

He made his debut through a minor role in the show Bhabhi, which aired in 2002. He illustrated an unaccredited role in the daily soap titled Miilee, which broadcasted on Star Plus. Miilee depicted the story of a young girl and her teenage years. In the succeeding years, he received many roles, but he selected the ones that were difficult to enact to improve his skills as an actor. He played the role of Nikhil in a television series titled Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuchh Kar Dikhayengi, which aired on NDTV Imagine and received encouraging response from the viewership. The serial focuses on the lives of a family of women who move to a new city and try to adjust to a new lifestyle.

The audience adored Nikhil’s character Pushkar in the serial Bhaskar Bharti. He took a break from acting on the small screen on completion of his contract with the makers of Bhaskar Bharti. He tried his hand in Bollywood, and as he felt unclear of his purpose in mainstream movie making, he decided to renew his profession as a television actor. He is currently involved with the cast lineup on CID, which airs on Sony TV. Nikhil has a rich personal life which he is unafraid of sharing with the media. He is a cook and a food lover. He is attached to his dog, and he is passionate about writing. He is known for photography and painting. He lives life to the fullest and he is an extrovert. He does not believe in keeping many secrets and likes to share his experiences with everyone.