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Hindi Movie Actor Nicolo Morea
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Nicolo Morea is a professional actor in North India. He has acted in a few Hindi films, and he is also an owner of a chain of restaurants. Nicolo Morea was born in Bengaluru in Karnataka, India. He is the brother of the famed Indian Bollywood actor Dino Morea Dino Morea is a die-hard Bollywood actor and a for >> Read More... who is also a model and a film producer. Nicolo Morea and Dino Morea have another brother who is younger and called Santino Morea Santino Morea is an Indian actor, assistant direct >> Read More... who is also a model and a music video star. Nicolo Morea was born to a Malayali mother named Edna Morea Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... and an Italian father called Ronnie Morea. The family of Nicolo Morea moved to Bengaluru, Karnataka in the year 1975. Nicolo Morea received his school education from Bangalore Military School, but later he got enrolled in Clarence High School.

He then joined St. Joseph's College which is located to Bengaluru for his college degree. Nicolo Morea is passionate about running a restaurant. He even started a hotel management business and running it successfully. To hone his skills in this art, Nicolo Morea did a course at Les Roches Global Hospitality Education in the International School of Hotel Management department. This institute is located in Mollens in Valais, Switzerland. Nicolo Morea was in this school from the year 1991 till the year 1994 and specialized in the management department. In January of the year 2009, Nicolo Morea started a hospitality service called Afterhours Hospitality. He is still running this among his other businesses.

This place is ideal for meeting, and it also has a great pub, and it is located in Bandra in Mumbai Area, India. This pub is called The Elbow Room. Nicolo Morea is the director of Afterhours Hospitality. While starting this restaurant, the brother of Nicolo Morea, Dino Morea was a driving force. He helped Nicolo Morea in launching the hotels and in assisting the management. All the brothers are well-wishers to each other and support very much. Nicolo Morea started the crepe station in Bandra, and with everyone's blessings and support he has now about ten centers all over the country. Nicolo Morea aspires to open 100 stores across India. Nicolo Morea and Dino Morea were the ones who started The Elbow Room together, but Nicolo Morea is the one who is passionate about culinary. Nicolo Morea is currently in a relationship with actress Adhuna Bhabani. Adhuna Bhabani is the former wife of Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar One of the most recognized young director of India >> Read More... .


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