M K Raina

Other names of M K Raina: Maharaj Krishna Raina, MK, M.K

Maharaj Krishna Raina is among India's best theatre actors and directors. He was born in the year 1948. He is a graduate from National School of Drama with Best Actor award in 1970. He was born in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir and did his schooling from Srinagar. Later on, he moved to Delhi to take admission in NSD on a state scholarship level.

He has a very disparate background from his family of doctors and engineers. Raina was also a social activist as his father too was a political activist. He has produced for over one-thirty plays in thirteen different languages. Also, he has acted in more than hundred plays. Ever since, he has been working in many traditional forms and languages.

He has directed productions like Karmawali, Lower Depths, Kabira Khada Bazar Mein, all being memorable ones. He also produced at Hawaii University in 1986. He is also known as a cultural activist. He started his career with 27 Down in 1974 playing the role of Sanjay in the movie. He received numerous awards for his amazing performances.

He received the Sanskriti Samman award in the year 1980 and Best Director by West Bengal Government in 1982. He was also awarded India's highest theatre award for lifetime achievement in 2007, the B.V. Karanth award. His wife is a doctor, and they have a son and a daughter.

Anoop Kumar Hindi Actor

Anoop Kumar

Being the odd man out within a family of three siblings, two of whom are legends, is something that Anoop Kumar may have had to bear till his last day in life. While some may consider him to be indeed fortunate to have such famous brothers like Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar, as far as his own career was concerned, it could never have been even a patch on that of the other two. And the funny thing is this that it is almost impossible to make a fair assessment of his career and capabilities once you are reminded that he is the brother of Ashok and Kishore Kumar. There are instances of father and son situations where invariable comparisons are made between the two, but what aids in a neutral comparison is due to the fact that they would have mostly performed at different periods. The instances of the Kapoor brothers, Raj, Shammi and Shashi are of course there, but they were all talented in their own ways. Anoop’s problem was different and his career overlapped that of the other two famous Ganguli brothers, both talented much more, and there was no way he could avoid being in their deep shadows. It is true that Anoop’s more memorable films have been those in which he acted along with his brothers – most famous of course being “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi”, where he matched the other two in full measure. But consider also the fact that he has acted in several other films where he was on his own without his brothers around, and the list also includes the names of quite a few super hit movies, like “Junglee”; “Kashmir ki Kali”. We also cannot overlook the fact that in movies like “Dekh Kabira Roya”, which was also a hit in its own period of the late 50s, he was one of the three lead actors. All in all, although he was mostly known as the brother of Ashok and Kishore Kumar, he had a silent following of fans that liked his funny pranks and mannerisms and enjoyed his presence on the screen.


Madan Joshi

Madan Joshi is a veteran Indian actor, writer, director, and production designer. He has decades of experience working in this entertainment industry. His presence in the industry can be traced back as late as 1696, where he was the writer of the movie called ‘Intaquam.’ Joshi has done thirty-nine movies as a writer which includesJaanHatheliPe, Insaaf, Mohabbat Ki Kasam, Shatru, EkChadarMaili Si, Janbaaz, Locket, Qatl, MaaKasam, Baadal, RahiBadalGye, Saaheb, Keemat: They are Back, and many more. His talent was not just confined to pen but, he has been remembered to play some leading roles in the movies. He played the role of a don named ‘AslamBhai’ in ‘Company’. Apart from winning hearts of viewers, Joshi was praised by the critics.He has also played little cameos in movies like Page 3, Zameen, Sanam Hum ApkeHai, Elaan, Deewange, Kesar, and various others. Joshi Jee was also behind the camera in Pati Parmeshwar and Tauheen. Apart from showcasing his talent on big screen, he has also acted in numerous television shows. He was last seen on a show of Sunshine Production telecasted on Star Plus named Hotel. He also joined hands with EktaKapoor’s production house Balajee Films for a show named PavitraBandhan. The show was broadcasted on Doordarshan. Madanjee has been an institution of acting. Even at this old age, his spirit towards his work is worth appreciating. The way he takes his work seriously and puts his soul into the character is something to learn from as a youngster.

Madan Joshi Hindi Actor