Atul Sriva

Other names of Atul Sriva: Atul srivastav

Atul Sriva is an actor, writer, film director in the cinema industry; he comes from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh where he is born and bought up. The actor after completing his graduation, has set out to Mumbai to chase his dream of becoming an actor and thus prove himself. Back in Allahabad, his native place, he took part in a couple of theatre roles that attracted and interested him to pursue it as a career.

He made his debut with his film named College Campus back in the year 2011 for which he played the roles of both a director and a producer of the film. His latest works include Maal Road Dilli, a film directed by him, he also played a role in it and was released in September,2018. The artist is single and is focused on shaping his career the way he envisioned and didn’t seem to settle down until he first achieves that.