Ananda Vardhan is an actor who works in Telugu films and he has appeared in around 25 Telugu movies as a child artist. His grandfather’s name was P.B. Srinivas who was a famous playback singer. Ananda Vardhan’s father is CA (chartered accountant) by profession. He got the stories of Ramayana by heart because his father used to tell him the story every day when he was a child. His grandfather always wanted his grandson to be an actor.

Vardhan acted in the film named “Ramayanam,” when he was five years old. Ananda has played the role of Hanuman as well as of Valmiki in the film. He made his debut in “Priyaragalu” as a child artist along with Soundarya and Jagapathi Babu.

He has also appeared in lead role in many films like Manasantha Nuvve which was released in the year 2001, Suryavamsam in the year 1998, Pelli Peetalu in 1998, Preminchukundam Raa in the year 1997, etc. He has also worked in a Hindi movie named Sooryavansham starring many eminent actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Kader Khan, Mukesh Rishi, and much more, and it which was released in the year 1999. In this movie, he has worked with the Bollywood Legend “Amitabh Bachchan.”

Ananda has also impressed many Bollywood film directors and producers with his acting skills. In the 90’s, Telugu audience got very much attracted to his role as a child artist. After that, he was away from the industry for twelve years. He has also acted in a movie named ‘Aakashavani” which was directed by Prasanna and was having a village urban love story. The movie also had one more actor named “ Adith Arun.”

His godfather in the industry is “Kasi Viswanath Garu.” Vardhan said that he has a good relationship with Jagapathi Bapu and his favorite actors are Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi. He has also got the training of dance, acting, and martial arts. His dream is to work with the beautiful actress Shruti Hassan.

In the year 1997, Ananda Vardhan was honored with the Nandi Award in the category of Best Child Actor for his debut “Priyaragalu.” Bagging an Award at the age of five is really a big achievement for him and has motivated him to make his career in the film industry.

Amarjeet Shukla Hindi Actor

Amarjeet Shukla

Amarjeet Shukla is an Indian film actor. He was primary seen as a child artist in the movie Teen Devian in 1965. He made his first appearance as a lead actor in the industry with Iqraar By Chance by K. Ravi Shankar in 2006. The movie was a romantic comedy. His next movie was in the year 2009 named Runway, the movie also featured Lucky Ali and Tulip Joshi and. His debut movie Iqraar By Chance was directed by K. Ravi Shankar and also featured Shilpa Anand in the lead along with him. The story was based on a girl born to East Indian parents, named Rashmi Mehra living a prosperous and carefree life in England, regularly overspends money, leading her dad to examine her closely. On one such moment, she runs to convince him that she can earn as complete £5000 in one period. He takes her challenge, and she begins out to find work. She soon comes to know the difficulties in life and in finding a job, particularly without using her dad's name & any job works. She does succeed to convince the master of 'Suno' FM Radio to let her cheat a young guy in falling in love with her, while she leaves him on a reality program. The young guy, Rashmi has in mind is Raj played by Amarjeet, who also uses the nickname of CBI Officer R.B. Mathur, who has arrived all the way from India to catch a group of drug-dealers. She soon finds out that Raj, too, has a purpose in falling for her, as he needs to convince his to-be father-in-law, Talwar, that he is wedded, and Rashmi is his fresh Indian bride. Things get confused when the underworld gets word of primary R.B. Mathur played by Arbaaz Khan and kidnaps Rashmi confused as his bride. Later what happens and is they meet is what the story is based on his other solo movie was Runway in 2009; it was an action thriller directed by Praful Tiwari and Suneil and. Amarjeet played the role of a casino owner Victor, named Allan, who goes to Mauritius. Back in Daman was the reason he has changed into a contract murderer named Melvyn played by Deepal Shaw, who is a victim of drug abuse. His life in Mauritius gets full of colourful personalities like Shaina played by Tulip Joshi, who is a dancer in the casino; Khalid played by Lucky Ali, whose character who is an assassin on Interpol’s desired list and David played by Shawar Ali, who is also a casino owner. As the story goes on it unfolds with the twist and even showcases why, if Allan protects Melvyn, defeats the smartest criminals around and hits his destination.