Alok Chaturvedi is the star of modern cinema. The multitalented man with a plan. He has not only done various movies, but had also have been a writer of his movie. His start of career was not very bright, but he never let himself fade away. His presence on screen never gets unnoticed. He did a movie 'Diploma' in 2008 which was a comedy drama. The movie couldn’t do well in box office but his acting capabilities were noticed. He did a comeback with the movie ‘Shor in the city’ staring various artists. The movie went a success and got highest rating. It was the success Alok was hoping to achieve. Afterwards he did a movies whose dialogues were written by himself ‘ Chor Chor Super Chor’. The intelligent writing and good sense of humor makes him to stand out. Although the movie didn’t go well on box office, it was a worth watching highlighting a social flaw wrapped in humor. In the same year he also worked in the movie ‘Kafiron Ki Namaz’ which is left unreleased because of controversies. He have also worked in the movie ‘Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand’, Ungli, I.D and the list goes on.