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Chhoona Hai Aasmaan is an Indian television drama series that has made its reputation worldwide. The story revolves around a team of six aspiring Indian Air Force officers called “HAWKS”. It is their duty to protect the country from vulnerable terrorists and attacks. There also lies a love story between the two main protagonists of the show. The show targets the youth of the country and hopes to instigate similar ambitions in them for the benefit of the country.

The protagonists of the show are Flight Lieutenant Sameera Singh (portrayed by Janvi Chheda Janvi Chheda is a Model and an Indian actress. S >> Read More... ) and Flight Lieutenant Abhimanyu Adhikari (portrayed by Mohammed Iqbal Khan Mohammed Iqbal Khan, known popularly just as Iqbal >> Read More... ). The other members of the show include Flight Lieutenant Farhaan Zeidi, Flight Lieutenant Tanvi Sharma, Flight Lieutenant Samrat Singh Shekawat, and Flight Lieutenant Isha Oberoi. The leader of team HAWKS is Arya Pratap Singh (portrayed by ' Narendra Jha Narendra Jha is an actor from India who is best kn >> Read More... ').

Sameera Singh had dreamt flying in the sky since her childhood. She was brought up by her mother on her own, as her father died fighting for the country. She promises her father on his grave that she would become a great warrior like him and make him proud. So she sets out to become an Air Force officer with five other members forming a team called HAWKS. She comes across Arya Veer Pratap, one of the best commanders of the Indian Air Force.

She finds a connection with him, and he proves to be a father figure she never had. Various incidents on the base keep the officers busy – like the rebelling act of some officers or playing pranks amongst the members. Work was preliminary in the show before Sameera comes across Abhimanyu – who lives to fight for the country.

The drama sets in as flashbacks, and love triangles take place. Conflicts arise within their relationship when they are forced to choose between their love for each other and their love for the country. But, the real problem arises when the team discovers that a member of the IAF is sharing their plans with the enemy.

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