Ibrahim Khan Gauri was born on 20th July 1951 in Multanpura, Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh. His name by nature is Ibrahim Khan Gauri, but he is mostly recognized by his pen name called Ashk. He has two children, a boy named Nadeem Khan and a daughter Naveesa Khan. He received his early education from Government Boys Higher Secondary School in Badnagar, District Ujjain. In the year 1973, he graduated with his BA from Indore University and he received his MA in Hindi Literature from Islamia Karimia Degree College Indore in the class of 1974. Ashk is a journalist, actor, poet and film writer by profession.

He worked for Daily Indore Samachar for four years before he moved to work with Shama and Shushma Magazine for six years and then he moved on to work with famous Hindi magazine Sarita for two years. He entered Bollywood industry in the year 1982 and became an integral part of the industry since then. He is mostly recognized for his creativity and his contribution to different poetical forms. Ashk works on Iqbal and Ghalib ample testimony to his critical acumen. He wrote various literary criticisms. He is also a well-accomplished lyricist and has written lyrics of some of the most popular songs of the decade.

He penned the lyrics for songs of film Koi Mil Gaya, Janasheen, Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lagge, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Dhund, Koi Mere Dil Se Puche, etc. His songs for movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai broke 50 years old record. Ashk has been the receiver of different accolades and awards. He writes poetry in both Hindi and Urdu. He is also the author of 16 books in Hindi and Urdu of criticism, poetry, and reality. He is honored with Nagrik Saaman in various cities. His ghazals and shayaris are also very famous, and he has appeared in various international mushairas, and he even has a literary journey through various countries such as Dubai, Doha, Qatar, South Africa, etc. He has written scripts for not only different films but also of various television serials.

Kumar Vishwas Hindi Actor

Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas born Kumar Vishwas Sharma, is a Hindi poet, lyricist, social activist and a politician affiliated to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He is known particularly for his oratory skills and romantic poetry. In fact, his couplet “Koi DeewanaKehtahai...” is extremely popular amongst the youth. He was born on 10th February, 1970 in Pikhuwa, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh to Dr. Chandra Pal Sharma and Smt. Rama Sharma. As the youngest in the family, he has 3 older brothers and an elder sister. His father was a lecturer in the R.S.S. Degree College, Pilkhuwa, affiliated to the Chaudhary Charan Singh University of Meerut. His mother is a homemaker. Adhering to the darling wish of his father, Kumar Vishwas enrolled in Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College, to pursue engineering.However, in his time in the college, he realized that his heart was simply not into engineering and in fact, it was poetry and literature that really called to him. Having realized this, it was impossible then for him to continue studying engineering, thus causing him to drop out of engineering college to pursue his passion by studying literature. His decision came at the cost of severe disapproval and disappointment from his family. Nevertheless, consumed by his passion for the area, he not only completed his graduation and post-graduation in Hindi Literature, but also went on to pursue a Ph.D. In the year 1994, having toiled long and hard he earned himself the position of a Professor at Lala Lajpat Rai College in Rajasthan where he taught for sixteen years. In this time, he became a big name in the field of Hindi Poetry establishing himself as a poet of the Shringara-Ras or romantic poetry. He has performed at various Kavi Sammelans across India and across the world. By 2010 he became a celebrated lyricist post his enormously successful “Koi Deewana Kehta Hai…” couplet. In the same year, he even won the Dr.Urmilesh “Geet Shree” Samman. At this time, he also realized that his poetry had established him as a respected and much-adored figure in Indian homes. He thus decided to use his position to spread social messages and work towards the betterment of our nation and society. Thus, he quit his job as a Professor, dedicating his efforts to bettering society. It was this very desire that ultimately led him to join Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement in early 2011. As the movement gained momentum across the nation, Kumar Vishwas, owing to his exemplary oratory skills quickly became a key proponent of the movement. His elevated role in the movement also meant that he was even arrested on 16th August, 2011 for supporting the anti-corruption movement. It was in the aftermath of this anti-corruption wave that the various leaders of the movement came together under Arvind Kejriwal to form the Aam Aadmi Party on 26th November 2012. Kumar Vishwas was amongst these leaders along with Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan. In the General Elections of 2014 in India, Kumar Vishwas ran against Congress candidate Rahul Gandhi for the Amethi constituency. However, he was unable to loosen the grip Congress had on Amethi and lost to Rahul Gandhi who won the seat by 1.07 lakh votes. Since then, Kumar Vishwas has periodically been at the heart of political controversy having to combat rumors of his leaving the AAP to join the BJP. The last such instance was in January 2017 prior to the UP elections. Of late, Kumar Vishwas has been in the news because of his video posted on 15th April, 2017 reviewing the declining status of our country, specifically with respect to fighting corruption. In his video, he even picks apart his own party leader Arvind Kejriwal questioning him and holding him personally accountable for the lack of deliverance on promises. His honest review of the country’s scenario is just one of the markers for his passion in working to better our society and our nation and has even been lauded by Kejriwal.


Shreyas Jain

At the nucleus of a movie lies its tale, which makes a writer tremendously essential to the cinematography process? Today, when there is nobody superior to the script, it is authors like Shreyas Jain who are carrying about a new upsurge of stories and thus an inspiring change in the business. Shreyas’ newest film Bareilly Ki Barfi, co-authored with Nitesh Tiwari and led by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, is set in the little municipality of Bareilly in North India. The movie that publicity has already caused conspiracy with its thought-provoking characters and a substantial dose of comicality, among other things. To know more about the creation of this comedic flick, when asked about the movie the writer talks about his associate with small-town rumors, empathy to comedy, bases of creativeness and connection with Nitesh Tiwari. Dangal was a passionately demanding involvement. It was enormous with so many eccentrics and such varied sentiments. Just before Dangal, they occupied themselves on Bhoothnath Returns, for which he did the added script and conversations with the other associates of the team. Even that was expressively draining to a great extent because Bhoothnath Returns was also about the present society and dishonesty. So, it was good fun lettering Bareilly Ki Barfi. In fact, he sought to write something like this after Dangal because it is our way of invigorating. They are used to lettering the script in a specific way going into every feature of the script, personality and the kind of battle that will be there. Inappropriately, he couldn’t be on the locations, but yes, the whole thing executed in the script. That is what transpired with Dangal as well; there was a pair of standups in a few places, but they were slight. According to the scriptwriter inscribing the script for Dangal in a particular way was very important. So, they went into every feature of the screenplay, character and the kind of drama that will be present in the flick.Tactlessly, he was not able to stay at the shooting sites to see the making of the movie, but yes, everything already arranged in the screenplay for Dangal. That is precisely what happened with Dangal as well; there were a couple of innovations in a few shots, but they were nothing too big. With this movie also, he went to each micro detail with the screenplay everything from the actor having tea or coffee to the big strong scenes.

Shreyas Jain Hindi Actress