Other names of Anjaan: Lalji Pandey
Anjaan Hindi Actor


Birthday: 28-10-1929
Date of death: 13-09-1997
Star sign: Scorpio

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Sayeed Quadri Hindi Actor

Sayeed Quadri

Sayed Quadri is an Indian poet who has worked as Bollywood lyricist too. He was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and spent his entire childhood there. He completed his schooling from Govt. Boys School. He has a keen interest in writing since his childhood. He used to read a lot of books and poetry. He always used to attend cultural function held at his locality such as poetry, dance, and singing competitions. He has taken part in them too. He also love watching puppet show held at local fares. When he grew up he started taking part in these functions and used to narrate his hand-written poetries there. He was appreciated for his talent and got various offers from local magazines to write for them. He has won various competitions too. After completing his school, he decided to do his post graduation. While he was in his college, he continued writing poetries. He used to take part in poetry writing contests and has won several of them too. He then started writing songs which was played during his college fests. After completing his college he decided to work as a poetry writer. His poetries were published in daily magazines and got a lot of appreciations. He started his career by writing jingles for advertisements. He later wrote a poetic piece which was appreciated and he got his first job as a lyricist. In 2013, he wrote lyrics for a song in the movie Jism, directed by Amit Saxena, starring Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. Later in 2004, he wrote lyrics for the song in the movie Saaya, directed by Anurag Basu, starring John Abraham, Tara Sharma, Mahima Chaudhary. In 2006, he wrote “Mujhe Mat Ruko,” “Tu Hi meri Shab Hai,” for the movie Gangster, directed by Anurag Basu, starring Emran Hashmi, Kangana ranaut, and Shiney Ahuja. Later, he worked for many other well-known directors and continued climbing the ladder of success. He has also worked in music department in various movies. In 2007 he wrote lyrics for many songs such as Haaye Dil, Aksar 2, I Love New Year, Murder 3, Dhokha, Billu, Awarapan, Life in a Metro, Jannat: In Search of Heaven, and much more. He won the best lyricist award at 6th IIFA awards for the movie Murder, directed by Anurag Basu, starring Emran Hashmi, Malika Sherawat, and Asmit Patel. Later, he was nominated at Stardust Award at 2005 for the movie Murder.


Dev Kohli

Dev Kohli is an Indian film industry lyricist. He was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He started writing at the age of 10 inspired from his neighbor. He started learning in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. In his family, almost all members were in the military and he was expected to be in the military too. But he chose a different path and came to Mumbai at the age of 22. He got his first break in movies by Shankar Jai Kishan. He wrote his first song for the movie ‘lal pathar’ and the song was “geet gata hoon main”. The movie was released in 1971 and the song became very famous. But even after writing such a hit song he was not recognized by the public. After that he struggled for almost 16 years to be recognized by the audience. He then got a chance from the film ‘Mene Pyaar Kiya’ by RajShri productions in 1989. He wrote two songs for the film namely ‘aate jaate haste gate’ and ‘aaja sham hone aayi’. The movie and songs were a big hit and finally, Dev Kohli was a name in households. In the span of 16 years, he wrote many hit songs including bhajan ‘maati k jalte deepak’ sung by Mohammad Rafi and this bhajan was in top 10 in those days, ‘chal chal kahi akele mei’ and many more. Some of his favorite songs are ‘geet gata hoon mei’, ‘didi tera devar deewana’, ‘ye kaali kaali ankhen’. During the time he was struggling, he chose spiritual way to deal with tension and wrote many bhajans. He wrote many dohes for Radha Krishan. He now has experience of more than 30 in this industry. Dev Kohli had worked with many music directors including Shanka Jai Kishan, Madan Mohan and S.D. Burman. His song ‘mene pyar kiya’ was a milestone. The famous song ‘didi tera dewar deewana’ was written after the tune was made and in a day. ‘Mayi ni mayi munder pe tere’ song was written and then composed by music director Ram Lakshman. He wrote many title songs for movies like Mela and the song was ‘Mela dilon ka ata hai’, ‘Hum saath saath hai’, ‘mene pyaar kiya’, ‘hum apke hai kon’ and many more. He has worked with Private albums too. His first experience of the album was with Baba Shegal for the album ‘Tora Tora’. He has worked in other albums with Tip in the song ‘jhanjar’, Rajshree album, with Champak Jain, and so on.

Dev Kohli Hindi Actor