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Hindi Influencer Alisha Rajput
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Alisha Rajput is a social media influencer, lip-sync artist, dancer, and actress based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was born on 22 June 1998 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. She is the eldest daughter in her family with a younger brother and sister. After her family moved to Delhi, she completed her schooling at the D.A.V. school in New Delhi. Thereafter, she studied a Bachelor’s in Microbiology at the University of Delhi and also completed her Masters in the same subject. After that, she started making videos on TikTok. She uploaded her first video on TikTok which was a poem about boys’ life.

The video went viral, and she immediately became popular. At the same time, she was interested in dancing and started giving dance classes. Later, she started making lip-sync videos and switched to other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Soon, she became a popular social media influencer with thousands of followers. She also became friends with other content creators, such as Robin Jindal Robin Jindal is a social media influencer who gain >> Read More... and Mihir Gupta with whom she collaborated on various videos. She also aspires to work in Bollywood films and TV shows. 


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