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Hindi Dubbing Artist Rucha Dighe
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Ruch Dighe is an Indian dubbing artist who specializes in dubbing foreign content and well-known for the voice of ‘Misty’ (Pokemon). Rucha Dighe was born on November 11, 1988, in Nagpur, India. Rucha Dighe has done dubbing in many languages which include English, Hindi, and Marathi. She got married to Nachiket Dighe Nachiket Dighe is Indian dubbing voice actor. He h >> Read More... on November 29, 2013. Nachiket Dighe, himself is a dubbing artist and have done many assignments alongside Rucha Dighe. Rucha Dighe has done dubbing for many foreign contents. She did dubbing for the voice of Misty from Pokémon Anime. Pokémon is a Japanese anime Television series. It is a popular TV show among the 90’s kids. The show was directed by Kunihiko Yiyama. The show aired on Hungama TV on May 19, 2014.

She was companied by Nachiket Dighe (Voice of Ash Ketchum), Dinaaz Farhan (voice of Delia Ketchu), Shagufta Baig Shagufta Baig is a Voice actor and Radio Jockey. S >> Read More... (voice of Jessica), Rajesh Shukla Rajesh Shukla is a renowned voice-over artist who >> Read More... (voice of James), Saumya Daan Saumya Daan is an Indian voice actor. He was born >> Read More... (voice of Meowth), and much more. Rucha Dighe also dubbed for Cycle Kick, a live-action film which was released in 2014. In this film, Rucha Dighe dubbed in the English language. Rucha Dighe has mainly done dubbing for Anime films and shows. Rucha Dighe has done dubbing infamous animated films, such as Lucky Duck, and Big Hero 6. She did dubbing in the Hindi Language for both films. Lucky Duck was directed by Donald Kim, starring Milton Barnes as Shark Toy, Christian Borle as Lucky, Megan Hilty as Flo, and much more.

The movie was based on the story of a pluck rubber duck who was thrown out off a cargo ship due to a storm and meets up with other tub toy friends and goes on an adventure of finding the home. Rucha Dighe dubbed for the voice of Flo the Hippo. In Big Hero 6, she dubbed for the voice of Honey Lemon. Big Hero 6 is an American #-D computer-animated superhero film. The movie was directed by Don Hall Don Hall is an American writer and film director c >> Read More... . She also did dubbing for the voice of Misty in “Pokémon: The first Movie-Mewtwo Strikes Back” and “Pokémon: The Movie 2000- The Power o One.” She also lends her voice to the character of Suzume from Mini Ninjas. The show was translated from the French language to the Hindi language. The show is still aired. This show is developed by IO Interactive, Magic Pockets, and Robosoft Technologies. Jeremy C. Peterman is the director of this show. The show won Kids Choice Award in the year 2016.


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