Dj Ayk is an Indian Dj who is famous for Commercial dance music and got positioned in the number 16054 in the Dj rankings all over the world. He works from Jharsuguda and has his concerts in India. He is also recognized as the "Indian Trance Maestro" An Electronic Musician. He melodiously crafts and composes music, which is seen in his soundtracks and he has any numbers of hit tracks on YouTube.

Dj Aqeel Hindi Actor

Dj Aqeel

Aqeel Ali, now famously known as Dj Aqeel, was born on 23rd November, 1977, in Hyderabad, India. He was drawn towards music as a child. He always dreamt of a music career for himself in the future. Today, he is famous for his compositions and mixes all around the world. He started playing at a very young age and started practicing at various gigs as well. In his twenties, he made a mix called "Shake it Daddy", which got him a lot of recognition. This mix of his paved the way for the start of his career in the music industry. He soon moved to Mumbai, from Hyderabad, as it is the hub of the music industry in India. He met Farah Khan Ali, who is also the daughter of the famous Bollywood actor, Sanjay Khan, and the sister of Zayed Khan, who is well known for his roles in Main Hoon Na, Mission Istanbul, etc. His meeting with Farah Khan Ali was very accidental, but totally meant to be. Even though they came from different family backgrounds, they hit it off from the very beginning. Farah Khan Ali recently opened up about how their relationship was the most spoken about in parties. They then decided to take their long lasting relationship to the next level. They soon got married with their parent's blessings and have two children today. His story with her is now a new inspiring love story. He has two children namely Azaan Ali, who was born on 7th May, 2002, and Fizaa Ali, who was born on 2nd April, 2005. He is happy and well settled in Mumbai with his family. Other than his career as a DJ, he also has the ownership of many clubs and hotels. He owns Hype club in Mumbai and Delhi. He has a very successful music career today. He performs at various pubs and clubs. He is one of the highly demanded DJ’s in the country. He gets booked months in advance now. But like every other artist, he always kept striving for more. He has now decided to give his try on music direction in Bollywood. In a recent interview, he revealed that he is working on his music direction skills and is going to release various Bollywood tracks. He is very excited about his new direction in the music career. He is recognized for many of his mixes from Bollywood that includes various hits of Bollywood.


Dj Richard

Digital Jockey; though it is not a professional, it takes us to the stereotype of posh entertainment. This form may take us to a different world until the DJ stops DJing. In India, this culture has taken a long time to gain grounds in the hearts of people. Even those who started tasting it, from the very existence, the audience failed to enjoy it to the maximum extent it should be. Now DJing has become a fashion. It has become the compulsion to show off our luxury. This tradition has become the mandatory status for many of the celebrity functions. The marriage function halls and some saloons have hired DJs to increase their status. This context refers to one of the versatile digital jockeys in India, DJ Richard. He had a passion for music and cinema from his childhood. He used to play cricket, table tennis, and soccer. DJ Richard started his career in this field from 1999. He is a Kolkata based Digital Jockey, and had tours all over India and sometimes abroad. When he took it as a challenge to make his livelihood out of DJing, the typical Indian was not in a state to grab and enjoy it. To make this possible, he went on searching ways of reaching out to people. DJ Richard found a slot in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM to air his DJing. In the program Club Mirchi by Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, he grabbed the opportunity to show his talent. He used to try different combinations of music and come out with the most soothing form. Meanwhile, he became the master of different genres. In India, a tyre is only a handful of DJs who have mastered this art at multitudinous aspects like mainstream, Bollywood, Progressive Trance, Techno, etc. He used to work as the promotional producer for Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. His show aired every Saturday from 9 pm to 1 am on a national basis. Gradually, the people and the audience used to give positive response for his DJing and even enjoyed it. Sooner or later, he gained the position of the resident in some of the famous night clubs in Kolkata like Soho, I-Bar, etc. After he started attracting the enthusiasts, he even portrayed his talent in many of the outside shows. Some of them include at the Times Music War of DJs, Nokia Freshers Gig, Blenders Pride Style Party, Mirchi Music Awards 2011, Mirchi Retreat, etc. He is also the consulting DJ for some international FM channels like Radio 4, Dubai. He is a big fan of Pink Floyd music. Jack Nicholson is his favourite actor.

Dj Richard Hindi Actor