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Shivaji Lotan Patil is a motion picture director from the country of India. He is well-known among the masses to have earned the National Award in the category Best Director for his movie with the title Dhag. The Best Director Award of National Awards is given by an institution with the name of The Directorate of Film Festival.

The process of giving this award started way back in the year 1967. The prize conferred to the awardees is a lotus made of gold and a cash prize of two lakh, fifty thousand rupees. He was the sixtieth such director to be honored with this achievement. It was given to him in the year 2012, along with other national awards. Dhag was a motion picture, which got made in the Marathi Language. Marathi is the most commonly spoken language in the state of Maharashtra. The title Dhag translates as ‘Blaze’ in the English language.

The storyline of the movie includes a young child, who fights the society. He is born into a low caste family and is thus, expected to do a job which is traditionally done by the lower caste. However, he is enlightened and struggles to break these unjust shackles. Though the film got played in the January of 2012 at Pune Film Festival, it wasn’t officially released yet. Dhag got released after two years to the general public on the 7th of the month of March 2014. The film was quite revolutionary and was liked by critics and public alike. It won a total of forty-seven awards. Among these, three were National Awards. The first was bestowed to the director of Dhag, Shivaji Lotan Patil. The other two were in the category of Best Actress and Special Jury Mention. The Best Actress award was given to Usha Jadhav Usha Jadhav is an Indian film actress and she was >> Read More... for her role in the movie. The second was offered to the child artist, Hansraj Jagtap Hansraj Jagtap, a National Award-winning actor, is >> Read More... in the film. In Dhag, Hansraj Jagtap plays the role of Krishna, who belongs to a perceived lower level of society. His father used to cremate people to earn a livelihood, and the society expects Krishna to do the same. However, he is ambitious and challenges the social structure. Usha Jadhav plays the role of his mother, who has a very central role in the uplift of Krishna. Another film he did was called October 31. It was liked by many and was appreciated at the London Indian Film Festival, which was held in the July of 2015.


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