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Jasmine DSouza

Indian-born Jasmine D’Souza is a model who is contributing to the growth of the movie industry through her passion and determination. She is talented and focused on achieving goals. Jasmine is also a model, whose fame has spread throughout the entertainment milieu. She garnered the Gladrags Mrs. India title in 2001. She makes her debut into the entertainment industry as a model. Jasmine D’Souza’s performance in all her projects is great, and captivates the interest of every audience. The beginning of Jasmine’s career in the fashion industry, paves the way for the rise of this actress within the entertainment milieu. Jasmine D’Souza accepts her first project with a brand called Lakme. Jasmine’s performance is instrumental in the growth of Lakme, and this increases the fame of this star. Jasmine D’Souza then proceeds to execute another contract as a model for Colgate (A company that provides toothpaste).During that period, Jasmine takes part in the advertisements of Colgate, which always terminate successfully, due to the charisma and beauty of this icon. She later actively participates in the advertisement of “Lux Soap,” in which her talent continues radiating, and attracting the viewers, who develop an affinity for the product, “Lux Soap.” Jasmine’s grandeur keeps increasing, as more companies become aware of D’Souza’s qualities of a model. Mitsubishi Lancer, a company that specializes in the manufacture of cars, decides to invite Jasmine, and propose a contract to her. Jasmine D’Souza’s role is to act as a model for the campaigns of Mitsubishi Lancer, especially those relating to advertisements of their project. Jasmine participates in these programs, and the results are exceptional. Jasmine proceeds to get a contract with Sunsilk and Nescafe. Just like with the other companies, this model actively takes part in the advertisement of these company’s products. She maintains a performance that is worth noting in all the activities of Nescafe and Sunsilk. Brands like “World Gold Council,” also demonstrate their interests in working with Jasmine D’Souza, and the model is given a temporary employment to perform the role of an Ambassador for “World Gold Council.” Her greatest achievement as a model is the prestigious Miss India Award in 2001. Jasmine’s beauty and determination, are the reasons behind the success she continues recording. Jasmine also features as a host for a show on television. Jasmine D’Souza always mesmerizes the audience, when she mounts the stage. Jasmine is a director for the movie titled “One Night Stand,” whose release takes place in 2016. She plays the role of an actress in the movie titled ‘’88 Antop Hill.” Director Kushan Nandy is responsible for supervising Jasmine in the course of this film. Jasmine D’Souza is married, and her son is 11 years old.


Megha Ramaswamy

Megha Ramaswamy is a Mumbai-based screenwriter and director. She is also a producer and her production Missfit Films produces innovative films which fall under neither independent nor commercial films. She has also been a beneficiary of the Chicken and Egg in collaboration with IDF for the film and her work with the group Stop Acid Attacks. She is also the co-host to a platform called Cause Effect which produces cause related content and social issues. Megha Ramaswamy graduated from the Television Institute of India (FTII). She has also worked with Anurag Kashyap for Bombay Velvet and ShekharKapur for his film Paani. Her short film, Newborns is based upon the life of acid attack survivors. Her Film focuses on their daily struggle after the attack and the how the world reacts or behaves with them. It is also on the concept of beauty from the perspective of the victims. Her short film was premiered in 2014 at the Toronto International Film Festival and was reviewed as the best film of the Programme Four. The film has been screened at many international film festivals and have won numerous awards and appreciation. It won the German Star Award for Best Documentary at the Indisches Film Festival Stuttgart, JIFF’15 Worldwood International Panorama and Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival in LA. It also won Best Short Documentary Award at the Mumbai Women's International Film Festival and the Delhi Shorts International Film Festival (Jury Prize). It won both the Audience and the Jury Award for Best Short Film in the London Asian Film Festival. The CARTel Select Special Mention for Innovation Award was given to Newborns in Los Angeles. Bunny is an audio/visual project of Megha Ramaswamy which was also premiered in North America at TIFF in 2015. It also got recognition in other international film festivals like CORK, NIFF, IFFLA etc. Ramaswamy's The Last Music Store is the latest documentary short which was premiered at the South Asian International Film. It won the Best Audience Award for Best Documentary. The film is on the closure of Rhythm House in Mumbai due to high piracy. Megha RamaswamyAN only child of her parents who grew up in Pune. In an interview she toldhow she always wanted a sibling but was consoled by books. That’s how she started her writing career motivated by her Grandfather. She is also the writer of Shaitan (2011). It is her only mainstream film credit as a screenwriter. Megha Ramaswamy does not fit into the mainstream bollywood film industry and she is proud about it.

Megha Ramaswamy Hindi Actress