Anubhav Srivastava Hindi Actor
Anubhav Srivastava was born on 9th March 1986 in New Delhi, India. He is a very special Bollywood personality because he is a young and dynamic director. This is a great sign for the industry as it gains newcomers from a very young age and he is the best instance of this. Despite the fact that he is young and a newcomer, he happened out to be immensely successful. His breakthrough took place in his movie that is based on documentation. 

This movie basically works on the research of how to turn out to be successful. He worked on it and came up with ideal qualities of a successful person. This movie was directed as well as produced by him, which is a huge success as far as the Indian Cinema is concerned on account of its rare occasion. He completed his graduation from the University of Leicester. He is also a famous speaker who motivates people with his vibrant speech. 

Apart from making motivating speeches, he apparently focused on bringing upon his documentary movie to greater heights. He considered submitting his work to the Delhi University, but then he faced a lot of disapprovals of his project. So he was pretty much keen on getting ahead right with his project to a real time impact work. Despite getting disapproved in India, he has a huge conviction about his project and the sake of its preamble. 

He never hot fed up and wanted to prolong the research to the International level. In order to establish his project, he moved to the United Kingdom and did an interview with the famous personalities over there. The best part about the director is that his movie is based for a good cause and it engrosses social upgrading element. He is not shaken by any failures that had incurred on his progress and very much deliberate in making a quality film.