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Bikhra Mera Naseeb Urdu TV SERIALS on Geo TV
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Bikhra Mere Naseeb is a story about revenge and the aftermath of jealousy and rash decisions. The drama is written by Salma Younis and directed by Furqan Khan Furqan Khan is an Indian director who worked for t >> Read More... . It aired on GEO TV in 2014 with a total of 20 episodes. The story revolves around a careless modern girl named Hina. Asa wealthy businessman's daughter, she always parties and is always found with the wrong company. The other protagonist Ujjala is a simple girl who faces daily struggles. After Ujjala's father's death, Basit invites them to live with him. Hina feels neglected by this situation. Hina's life is upturned when she is married. She faces many challenges in her married life as her stepmother creates the drama. The stepmother, Sania, harbors negative feelings toward both Hina and Basit. Basit never lets Hina and Sania come close. He keeps Sania away from the sense of motherhood.

Hence she is now turned into a negative woman. After Hina's marriage, Sania brings situations that break Hina's wedding. While facing all these hardships, Hina realizes she should let go of her careless attitude. While Hina faces all these hardships, Basit passes away. Later, Hina discovers that all these conspiracies were because of her stepmother. She tries to commit suicide though doctors save her in time. The serial ends happily. Her husband and her in-laws forgive Hina's impulsive behavior.


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