Ashish Tyagi is an Indian Director, who has directed films like Dilli Gang Click to look into! >> Read More... Dilli Gang , a film released in the year 2013. This film related to Crime and detection. This movie is considered to be a crime horror. The film was released in on the 25th of October. The film directed by Ashish Tyagi shows the harsh reality in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata where the old aged people are at a risk of their life and how are they targeted by the gang in that city. The gang targets the senior citizens who live alone in the city. It is the present scenario in which the old are not safe. This movie had a superb plot but, lost miserably in the execution of the film. The film was a big flop at the box office and had received major negative reviews.

It was also considered to be one of the worst films in the year 2013. The film could not receive more than one and a half stars from the critics. His current project movie is Darling Don’t Cheat, and we could not see Ashish Tyagi’s public appearance at the film’s trailer launch as his wife was unwell, but the rest of the cast was present with their assistant director, the AD was accompanied by his lead characters in the film Neha Chatterji and Gaurav Pandey Gaurav Pandey is an agile actor. He was born on 5t >> Read More... Gaurav Pandey . This movie is an Indian Thriller. The film covers the dark side of human behaviour. It is a suspense thriller. This picture is related to human psychology regarding behaviour in different situations, and also, Karma plays the main role in the life of beings.

The star cast also informed about the presence of bold scenes in a large number in the movie. The film is said to be delayed for the release, and it will release in the year 2016 on the 11th of March. Let’s wait and watch what response the film gets.