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Ajay Govind Hindi Actor

Ajay Govind is an Indian cinematographer and writer who is known for his work in the Hindi and Malayalam film industry. He has been a part of several documentaries and short films which have set his work apart as a filmmaker. Ajay spent a lot of his young life moving around the country. He was born in Jhansi from where he later moved to Calicut. He completed a part of his schooling in Delhi and then moved to Bangkok. Ajay graduated with a degree in English literature from St. Stephen’s College. He moved to Kozhikode in Kerala, where his parents were from, and joined The Hindu’s NIE program there. Through this initiative, he conducted several training workshops at schools. He later began working on independent shorts and videos, and he went on to direct over 50 commissioned documentaries.

He worked on his first feature film, ‘After the Third Bell’ for over two years. He started his production studio which he named ‘Sisyphus Rocks Films (SRF),’ and he founded the creative agency ‘Words, Rhythms, Images,’ under whose banner he made many short films like ‘Thereby Hangs A Tale (2017)’ and ‘Jump Cuts (2019).’ He also directed many music videos, some of which are ‘Karuna Chevyan (2017)’ and ‘Why this injustice (2019).’ Ajay won several awards for his work in independent cinema. He won ‘Best Musical Short’ for ‘After the Third Bell’ at the Avalonia Film Festival, and ‘Best Music Award’ at the Largo Film Awards.

His movie, ‘Love, Bites,’ was the semi-finalist at the Best of India shorts. His documentary, ‘Voucher Scheme’ commissioned by Futures Group International, India was selected to be screened at the American Public Health Association’s film festival in Boston in 2013.” His film Bhranthande Prekshakar or ‘The Madman’s Audience’ (2005) in Malayalam was showcased in Portugal and New Delhi. He collaborated with the NGO, ‘SAVE,’ and the Anti-Ragging movement to promote social awareness around the nation.