Mumtaz Ali was an Indian dancer. Ali also had a dance troupe. His career was washed out, due to his drinking habits, and due to this reason, his son worked as a child artist and daughter worked as a dancer. Mumtaz Ali was born in Hyderabad. He lived in Bombay where he met an amateur of Indian cinema and former publisher of Chronicle.

The Englishman accepted him as a friend, and also intended to support and help him financially. Mumtaz Ali, after a few months, found out a theatrical company and played all roles. Mumtaz Ali for, his first movie, joined hands with an extraordinary director. He was responsible for the production of the movie which released in 1935.

He eagerly waited for a chance of a hero in the film industry. Ali then decided to resign from the production department as his friend left. His last film was Kunwara Baap. He died on 6 May. Mumtaz Ali got married to a gorgeous girl in October 1929.

They had eight children, namely Husseini, Mehmood, Khairunnisa, Usman, Malikunnisa, Zubeida, Shaukat, and Anwar. From his eight children, one of the child’s became an actor, and the other one became a dancer.